After two years of being starved of live music, Imagine Dragons delivered a pounding pop performance to those gathered in Edmonton’s Rogers Place on Wednesday night! Fans of all ages were seen on the floor and in the seating that lined the arena’s walls. Anticipation was thick in the air, which can be assumed that many folks gathering to see the show didn’t imagine themselves being there, thanks to the rollercoaster of restrictions that were placed and removed on live entertainment and gatherings within the province of Alberta.

Opening the set with a blast, the band hammered into “My Life,” and followed up with a dramatic rendition of “Believer.” Between his sporadic movements and captivating performance, frontman Dan Reynolds took a few moments to speak candidly with the crowd at Rogers Place; touching on deep topics revolving around the pandemic and creating engagement between the subject matter of the band’s music, and what might be going on in people’s everyday lives. “Be kind to everyone you meet, this time is yours.” being the overall conclusion to his reach for connection.

Rounding out their hefty 24-song setlist with tunes like “Radioactive” and “The Fall,” the band swelled with big encore energy, starting every song with a punch of enthusiasm and ending just the same. Complete with confetti and bursting with bombast, Imagine Dragons smashed their headlining set, breathing some much-needed life into the downtown arena.

Imagine Dragons at Rogers Place (Edmonton, AB) on April 13, 2022