When you see the name 333 Wreckords associated with an album (or EP, in this instance), you know that what you’re going to experience is something that smashes down musical boundaries. Kentucky hardcore/rap crew Guerilla Warfare is the latest to join the musical revolution at 333 Wreckcords and their new five-track EP, C O N T R O L certainly is the sound of a band not afraid to kick up a stink.

Spitting into life with “Flesh n’ Bone (SmaLL TaLk),” C O N T R O L sees the Kentucky wreckers pick up where their 2019 effort C O N S U M E signed off. A gritty mix of hardcore, metal and hip-hop, on paper, it might not sound that original in 2022; however, in reality, listening to this crew snarl through the five tracks on this EP, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Dark, angry, and laced with rage, there are moments during the explosive five tracks where it veers into territory not too dissimilar to the hip-hop-soaked violence heard during Slipknot’s earlier more visceral moments.

Elsewhere the title track sounds like a young Limp Bizkit brawling in a back alley, whereas “MuLLigaN” is a jarring, full-throttle musical assault on the senses. Bubbling with anger, drummer and singer Garrett Hood’s skittish vocal style matches the electricity crackling through Guerilla Warfare’s music as the hardcore/hip-hop three-piece delivers a sound that may have influences rooted in the nu-metal, hip-hop and hardcore scenes of the early part of the decade but very much packs the kind of punch that heavy music fans in this clusterfuck of an era demand.

C O N T R O L Track Listing:

1. Flesh n’ Bone (SmaLL TaLk)
2. SmaLL HiLLz
3. C O N T R O L
4. MuLLigaN
5. How to .Breathe iN. Space.

Run Time: 20:08
Release Date: April 22, 2022
Record Label: 333 Wreckords


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