Brooklyn-based dark-pop artist Elliot Lee releases the new single/lyric video, “Mess Boy,” a song about verbal-emotional harassment and bullies using their power to control others.

Elliot Lee’s sound amalgamates ingredients of hip-hop, electronic music, alt-pop, and thrash rock into a unique, bold sound. Lee’s fanbase referred to as “the bubblegum army,” is not only large but devoted. With previous hits such as “TV Head,” “Pink (Freak),” “My Favorite Things,” and “Drama Queen,” Lee has amassed millions of streams on Spotify, along with appearing on elite playlists like Bedroom Pop and New Music Friday.

According to Elliot Lee:

“For me, colors are really important just in everything that I do because even when I write notes or do anything boring, I have to add colors to it because it helps me stay grounded and on the positive side of things. Growing up, I rejected the color pink for a long time because I was going through a theme, punk phase and I was like, I can’t like pink. I’m kind of a poser if I like pink. Then I grew out of that and now I can be all these things and I can like pink, and I can wear pink when I’m not feeling the best. Even when I’m feeling all of these sad emotions and these strong feelings, I don’t have to wear black or dark colors like that. I can wear my pink and I don’t have to look sad, just because I feel that way.”

“Mess Boy” rolls out on emerging colors flavored with nursery rhyme-like textures as Lee’s looming rap-lite vocals infuse the lyrics with ominous, ready-to-explode angry tones. When the rhythm enters, the tune takes on savors of alt-pop mingled with tangs of rock muscle.

“I don’t mess with a mess, boy / (da da da da da) / Mess Boy, you’re a real killjoy / Mess Boy / (da da da da da) / Mess Boy.”

The sing-song flow of “Mess Boy” permeates the song with quirky, beguiling nuances, suggestive of Joe Walsh’s “Life’s Been Good.”

Deliciously innovative and full of biting lyrics, “Mess Boy” demonstrates the singular creative gifts of Elliot Lee.

Run Time: 2:59
Release Date: April 7, 2022
Record Label: Photo Finish Records