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Don’t Panic Premiere Their Soaring, Dramatic “Time Machine” Music Video

Don’t freak out (too much), but Don’t Panic is back, and they’re laying a doozy on you today with the music video for their brand new single “Time Machine.”



Don’t freak out (too much), but Don’t Panic is back, and they’re laying a doozy on you today with the music video for their brand new single “Time Machine.” This is a comeback of sorts, and certainly a return to the form you came to expect from the Arizona band before they took a fairly lengthy hiatus. “Time Machine” is their way of reintroducing themselves to the indie/alternative worlds, a song high on emotion, with an accompanying video high on drama.

The song is about letting go, while also remaining vulnerable to the people and moments that have and will continue to shape our lives. Every moment in life can affect us in some way, and it often consumes our thoughts and the important decisions we make. This leads us off into new emotional territory that can often result in some interesting choices.

Regarding the single “Time Machine,” lead singer Dylan Rowe elaborates:

“Our song ‘Time Machine’ explores the existential dread of a time traveler and what a person might grapple with given the opportunity to travel into the past. It asks three questions in the story; save yourself, everyone else, or do nothing at all?”

This year marks the tenth anniversary of Don’t Panic since their formation. Anchored by Rowe’s soaring, gripping vocals, the band has gone to great lengths to separate themselves from the pack, focusing on blending an irregular sound, composed of progressive rock, indie, and mainstream radio appeal. Along with Rowe, the band also includes Jeffrey Fred Robens Jr. (guitar), Ryan Obermeit (bass) and “Mundo” Rascon (drums), a highly cohesive team, with Robens and Lar leading the way as primary songwriters, and Rascon bringing a rhythm and flair to really liven up the songs. Rowe supplies all the emotion and passion you need from a frontwoman.

It’s been a number of years since Don’t Panic released their 2014 DOS Robot Circus EP, and 2015 The Sleepy EP, but fortunately, the band has been deeply entrenched in the writing and recording process for several months now. They have a full-length coming down the pipeline in the fall, providing more of what you love from this electrifying quartet.

Artwork for the single “Time Machine” by Don’t Panic