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Clutch (w/ EyeHateGod, Tiger Cub) Clobber Midway in Edmonton, AB [Photos]

Clutch delivered an absolutely crushing performance at Midway in Edmonton, AB, with supporting acts EyeHateGod and Tiger Cub.



Edmontonian rock fans flocked to Midway on Thursday night for a long-awaited evening of gritty rock n roll. Despite this tour being rescheduled multiple times due to the pandemic fluctuations, the house was packed and ready to let loose for what was yet to come.

Starting the night off with an English power-trio, Tiger Cub rocked the room with their grunge rock style. Warming up the crowd for the other acts to follow, Tiger Cub expressed their appreciation to those who gathered at the front of the stage for their performance and thanked everyone for showing up early to catch them play.

The night progressed with EyeHateGod; a highly anticipated set, due to their notorious difficulties with getting across the Canadian border. The New Orleanian sludge metal/stoner rockers delivered a droney-sounding set that had those on the floor of Midway bobbing their heads along to every note—a satisfying reunion for those who’ve waited so long to see these NOLA icons.

Clutch (w/ EyeHateGod, Tiger Cub) at Midway (Edmonton, AB) on March 31, 2022

As to be expected, Clutch delivered an absolutely crushing performance. Captivating their crowd with their southern rock swagger, Clutch kicked off the night with “Impetus” which had their audience ravenous and engaged. Frontman Neil Fallon welcomed Edmonton to the show with a smile and a cheeky comment referring to the rescheduling of this tour. “Better late than never!” Fallon bellowed, before hammering into “Rats” and “Subtle Hustle.”

The rock n roll veterans rolled through a hefty 20-song set like it was a walk in the park, leaving their audience howling and wanting more. Despite the long wait to catch this concert, it’s safe to say that the wait was worth it and that the rock-loving Edmontonians who attended walked away from this one feeling satisfied. Very. very satisfied.