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BAYC-Themed Burger Joint “Bored & Hungry” Now Open!

Dubbed Bored & Hungry, this burger and fries joint is the first-ever Bored Ape Yacht Club-themed food spot and is merging the worlds of food and NFTs.



This past weekend, a fun, new restaurant hit California. Why is this relevant, you ask? Well, dubbed Bored & Hungry, this burger and fries joint is the first-ever Bored Ape Yacht Club-themed food spot and is merging the worlds of food and NFTs.

The 1,700-square-foot pop-up is located in Long Beach, California and was conceived by Bored Ape #6184 owner and food entrepreneur Andy Nguyen. It’s also the eatery to accept payment in ETH and $APE.

It also offers special perks, like free combos, to cryptocurrency and NFT owners. Get your tokens ready, Get there fast as this pop-up is only open for 90 days.

Bored Ape #6184

Born in 2003, V13 was a socio-political website that, in 2005, morphed into PureGrainAudio and spent 15 years developing into one of Canada's (and the world’s) leading music sites. On the eve of the site’s 15th anniversary, a full re-launch and rebrand takes us back to our roots and opens the door to a full suite of Music, Film, TV, and Cultural content.

Cryptic Convo

Cryptic Convo: Harry Heart Discusses Crypto Tips, Misconceptions, and New Album ‘Cambistry’

Harry Heart chats to us about his experiences in Cryptocurrency and how NFTs helped make his ‘Cambistry’ album a complete sell-out.



Harry Heart, Press Photo

The story of British-Australian artist Harry Heart is an interesting one. Working on his new album, Cambistry, the musician explored the idea, “What if fans could decide when an album is released?”

Cambistry came out on May 5th after initially selling all eleven album tracks as collectable music NFTs. The concept was simple: when a fan buys the music NFT, the song gets released on streaming services. With the entire NFT album now sold out, collectors and fans got to push the button on the official release of Cambristry, playing their part in the artist’s unusual story!

As the collaboration between NFTs and music is one still largely untapped but, as is proven by the success of Heart’s recent album, we sat down with the musician to find out more about his thoughts and experiences, not only while working on the album, but while exploring the choppy waters of Crypto. Find more info on Heart’s official website.

When did you start getting into Crypto?

Harry Heart: “A friend suggested I do some homework on utilising NFTs as an artist back in September 2021. I skipped Crypto 101 and jumped straight into NFT research out of excitement; I gradually worked backwards into blockchain fundamentals.”

What’s the biggest loss you’ve taken from Crypto?

“My timing was terrible. I first bought Bitcoin and Ethereum in November 2021. That happened to be the moment that I was finally confident enough in my understanding of what I was buying. Little did I know it was crypto’s peak (to date). I don’t doubt their value will get back to where it was and then some, but it was not a wise time to buy. That’s not a crypto-specific mistake; it applies to any currency.”

What’s the best source of information on all things Crypto?

“It’s important to soak in insights from different territories, different fields of expertise, rather than just one channel. I personally like to learn through podcasters, particularly Ray Dalio, Naval Ravikant, Tim Ferriss, Kevin Rose, and a few others. People less susceptible to hype are good.”

Harry Heart ‘Cambistry’ Album Artwork

Harry Heart ‘Cambistry’ Album Artwork

If you had to pick one NFT you wish you could have of any kind, which one would it be?

“I love London artist Dead Seagull’s work; they’re out of my price range, so I try not to look through the collection too often.

What’s the biggest misconception about Crypto you wish everyone would overcome?

“That the overwhelming number of pump and dump coins reflect the intentions of everyone in the space. In reality, owning cryptocurrency is a means to an end. Cryptocurrency itself is not the product. If you think the coin you’re buying is the product (not as a means of storing value or making purchases, but purely as a commodity to own), then you are probably being taken for a ride.”

What NFT projects do you dig the most and why?

“I like the simple collectable stuff that just carries on regardless of the market and the hype, with less of an elaborate utility focus. has made it pretty frictionless for music lovers to buy affordable digital collectables; I think (and hope) they’ll be around for a long time.”

What’s your NFT strategy: quick flips, hodl, floor sweeps when prices dip? Share some strategy.

“I don’t treat NFTs as investments. I buy music and visual art that excites me (within my price range). It’s too volatile a market for investing on a musician’s wage; I’d rather stick with index funds and keep buying NFTs for their intrinsic value.”

Got any solid NFT projects that deserve way more hype and activity than they’re currently getting?

“I really want more musicians to familiarise themselves with It’s the perfect onboarding platform for artists and fans. It’s free, fun, versatile, and leads to more listeners. A no-brainer.”

What are your thoughts on the Metaverse and its potential applications outside of gaming?

“Once we use the metaverse to make boring things fun, I think more of us will jump in. Like Crypto, it needs to be a means to an end, otherwise we’re all just “in the metaverse” and don’t know what we’re doing there. Let’s make work meetings, court hearings, school detentions, anything you don’t want to show up for, virtual. If I’ve got to show up to something boring, I may as well do it as an avatar.”

What is the best Bitcoin book and/or documentary you’ve ever consumed, and why?

The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous is a must-read. Remember how I mentioned that my curiosity about NFTs forced me to work backwards and understand blockchain tech? Well, a curiosity about Bitcoin should force you to work backwards and understand money. The first half of this book explores the origins and evolution of bartering, currency and financial systems. It’s very eye-opening, and I’d recommend it even to those that aren’t interested in Bitcoin.”

For more information on Harry and this unusual story, visit his official website.

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Cryptic Convo

Cryptic Convo: Producer BOSA Discusses His NFT Collection Wayha and Interest in Crypto

Producer BOSA joins us for a Cryptic Convo interview discussing Bitcoin and his NFT Collection Wayha, an immersive music video collection (art by Axon Genesis) following the migratory flight of the phoenix.



Momentum is on the side of producer and multi-instrumentalist BOSA as he struts his way forward into the new year. The Los Angeles-based studio mastermind has really started to climb the ladder of the underground house music scene, with some notable recent releases, including “Howl at the Moon,” a collaboration between him and rapper Eligh of hip-hop duo Living Legends, as well as singer Monster Luna. It’s a great mishmash of styles, from Monster Luna’s exquisite French vocals to Eligh’s fervent hip-hop rhymes and words, and to top it all off, the magical electronic beats and arrangement provided by BOSA.

BOSA, who used to release music under his real name Stephan Jacobs, is right at home in the studio and has also worked as an engineer for a lot of significant hip-hop artists like A$AP Rocky. He’s also performed at Coachella, the Vans Warped Tour, and Burning Man.

With a new year comes new opportunity for the producer, as he just launched his very own official NFT collection Wayha on January 3rd. Wayha is an immersive experience, combining audio and video, led by artist and developer Axon Genesis. It features the music of BOSA and has fashion inspired by the style influencer Roxy Emily Kravitz, aka Roxer Tronica. Wayha is meant to represent the celebration of rebirth and renewal, all the while diving deep into our connection with nature and the cycles that create life.

With Wayha now officially launched, it seemed like a no-brainer to connect with BOSA for a Cryptocurrency-focused Q&A in which he discusses his early interest in Crypto, who he sees as the primary influencer, and his recommendation for how to get started with Bitcoin.

How did you first learn about Crypto?

BOSA: “I first learned about cryptocurrency in 2010 through an old friend of mine named Dave, who went by the nickname LazySlave. He was very passionate about Bitcoin, and although I didn’t fully understand it at the time, I wish I had paid more attention. Unfortunately, Dave passed away in a motorcycle accident sometime later. He was such a close friend that I actually drove him home from an event the night before he passed.”

When did you start getting into Crypto?

“I officially started getting into cryptocurrency when it was starting to become popular, around the time of the 2017 bull run. It was an exciting time, even though the market eventually crashed. Although I didn’t invest heavily, it was still a fun experience for me.”

What drew you to Crypto?

“My long-term partner Roxy is actually much more knowledgeable about cryptocurrency than I am. I usually just follow her lead and have learned a lot from her. That’s what drew me to the world of crypto.”

What do you think is the best application of Crypto?

“In my opinion, the best application of crypto would be a comprehensive, all-in-one app that simplifies and streamlines financial transactions. Something like Venmo, but with the added security and stability of a stablecoin. I recently used an app called MOBY that seems to be heading in this direction, with clear, instant transactions and a built-in stablecoin. However, I think the ultimate goal would be an app that not only handles transactions, but also calculates taxes and fees automatically, making it even more user-friendly and efficient. That would be truly next-level.”

Who is the person that has the most influence on Crypto right now? Do you wish they had more or less?

“Right now, I would say that Elon Musk has the most influence on cryptocurrency. His tweets about Bitcoin and Dogecoin, in particular, have caused major price fluctuations in the market. In fact, I even got caught up in the hype and bought some Dogecoin myself. While I’m still holding onto it, I have no idea if it will ultimately turn out to be a good investment or not.

“As for whether I wish he had more or less influence, that’s a tough one. On the one hand, it’s exciting to see a high-profile figure like Musk taking an interest in crypto. On the other hand, his influence can be unpredictable and potentially destabilizing for the market. So, I think it’s important to approach cryptocurrency investments with caution, regardless of who is influencing the market.”

What is your favourite memory since you started trading Crypto?

“My favorite memory since I started trading cryptocurrency was definitely during the 2017 bull run when the value of my investments soared. It was an incredible feeling to see my money multiply by ten times in such a short period of time. Unfortunately, I think I may have held onto those investments for too long because now they’re about at a break-even point. But it was still a memorable and exciting experience for me.”

We’ve seen Bitcoin and Ethereum referred to as Tupac and Biggie Smalls, respectively. What do you think? Have a better or alternate comparison?

“It’s interesting to compare Bitcoin and Ethereum to Tupac and Biggie, two influential and iconic figures in the world of music. Instead of thinking of them as rivals, I like to imagine what it would be like if they could collaborate and what that would sound like. In the world of cryptocurrency, it’s important to consider how different coins and technologies can work together and how they can complement each other, rather than always viewing them as competitors.”

If one is interested in Bitcoin but has never ventured down the rabbit hole, where do you recommend they start?

“If you’re interested in getting into Bitcoin but don’t know where to start, my recommendation would be to start small and be cautious. It’s important to do your research and try to make calculated risks. I also recommend taking the time to learn about how the entire process works on a platform like Binance or whichever one you choose to use.

“The world of cryptocurrency can be confusing, with a lot of steps and terminology to learn, so it’s best to take it slow and not rush into anything. Do your due diligence, and you’ll be on your way to understanding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.”

What’s your theory or best guess as to who (or what) Satoshi Nakamoto is?

“I have a theory that my friend Dave, aka LazySlave, who I mentioned in my first answer, could have been the person behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. Dave was extremely passionate about Bitcoin from a very early stage and was also a genius coder, so it’s not a stretch to imagine him being capable of creating it.”

You’ve lost a bet and have to get a Bitcoin-based tattoo. What are you getting and where?

“If I lost a bet and had to get a Bitcoin-based tattoo, I think I’d go all out and get a giant QR code of my wallet address tattooed on my neck. That way, when I’m playing shows or out and about, people can just scan my neck and send me some sweet, sweet Bitcoin. Or, you know, they could just ask for my wallet address the normal way. Either way, I’m always open to receiving payments in any form, even if it means getting a giant tattoo as a result of losing a bet. Hey, at least it’ll make for a good story!”

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Web3 Music Company Secret Garden Joins Forces with Mike Shinoda

Web3 music company Secret Garden is joining forces with musician-artist Mike Shinoda (cofounder of Linkin Park) on a new endeavour in the NFT space.



Web3 music company Secret Garden is joining forces with musician-artist Mike Shinoda (cofounder of Linkin Park) on a new endeavour in the NFT space. Shinoda, who recently came on board as a platform advisor, will also release a new NFT project with Secret Garden. Titled Windchime, it is a one-of-a-kind music collectable that emphasizes a visual experience alongside the interactive music player, immersing the users in a curated journey. The customizable NFT music-and-art release will mint on Secret Garden’s uniquely interactive platform on October 12, 2022. This will be Shinoda’s first-ever Ethereum collection.

Fans become Shinoda collaborators thanks to the intriguing, interactive Bouquet music player, which helps them create their own Windchime track using 24 new musical stems from Shinoda. Starting October 12, they can purchase their creation, which comes with an exclusive visual (a rare art piece designed by Shinoda), as their own proprietary NFT.

The experience is optimized for both NFT vets and newcomers who want to participate in and own a piece of Shinoda’s latest project.

Mike Shinoda, photo by Frank Maddocks

Secret Garden’s co-founder Victor Wang shares:

“Secret Garden and Mike Shinoda are exploring interactive audiovisuals as a new music collectible primitive. This is the next step in a long history of music technology — vinyls, cassettes, CDs, mp3s, streaming, and now digital collectibles.”

Mike Shinoda comments as follows:

“Secret Garden is innovating the approach to music in web3. I’m excited to be an advisor and help them grow as we discover new ways to connect with fans. Our collaborative release of Windchime is an exciting first step together.”

Shinoda recently joined Secret Garden as the platform’s first Advisor. No stranger to the NFT/web3 space, last year he released a first-of-its-kind generative mixtape collection of 5000 unique audio + visual NFTs called “Ziggurats,” on the Tezos blockchain. Windchime is Shinoda’s first Ethereum collection and will introduce his existing Ziggurats community on Tezos to the Ethereum blockchain.

Eric Gao and Victor Wang, photo by Victor Wang

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