If you’re “Hell Bent” on having a good time, well, we got some good news for you. Female-fronted hard rockers The Dev recently released their “Hell Bent” single and music video, a balls to the wall party anthem that does the job when it comes to conjuring up those positive feelings. The track is a description of the energy that forms within us as people when we’re ready to emerge from a dark time and get back to enjoying what life is all about. Having fun, seeing the people you love to be around, enjoying your time together, it’s these things that make life worth living. “Hell Bent” works perfectly in conjunction with the group’s chosen mission; to distract you away from the stresses of the day and direct your attention towards the things that actually matter in life.

The Dev is led by lead singer Nikollaj, both talented and charismatic beyond belief. She is joined by faithful friends and collaborators Ryan Danley and Barrett Jones on guitar, bassist John Panaccione, and drummer Chris Caruso. Nikollaj is a relative newcomer, but her bandmates are industry veterans who have toured with rock legends like Alice Cooper and Heart, and have also toured as part of the Vans Warped Tour. The Dev appreciate the trip that brought them here, but they are here to establish themselves as one of rock’s next great bands.

If you’re going to be a rock superstar, you definitely have to look the part, which is where Nikollaj comes in. Today she has shared with us five makeup and fashion tips that help bring out the inner rock star in you.

Tip 1: Base Is Everything!

“Knowing where you’re going to be, the humidity, weather, indoors or outdoors with the addition of how your skin is. If you have dry skin use a moisturizing cream and if you have oily skin try modifying serums in primers. What you put on your skin before helps makeup sit well.”

Tip 2: Secret Weapon

“As a performer, you don’t always have time on your side. So I have three go-to Luxe that I always keep in my back pocket, looks that I can do in 45 minutes or less. It’s really good to master one or two that way you always look great!”

The Dev’s Nikollaj Shares Her “Top 5 Makeup and Fashion Tips for a Rockstar Transformation”

Tip 3: Keep it Matte

“Always, always, always use a matte lip! Choosing a matte lip gives you not only longevity, but it allows you to enjoy your night. Not having to worry about whether or not your lipstick is smudged is such a fuss, so I always wear a matte lip and I never have to worry about if my lipstick transferred to my microphone or not.

“One trick I use for matte lipsticks is that I always fully line my lips and fill it in with the liner then I put on the lipstick.”

Tip 4: Set It and Forget It

“Settings sprays are controversial because a lot of people don’t think it actually works. I live by setting sprays, but one trick is to fully spray your face and then lightly dab with a beauty blender pushing the product in so you don’t look wet.”

The Dev vocalist Nikollaj

Tip 5: Scent, Sheen, Shine!

“Last but not least, are the finishing touches. The devil is in the details and I don’t only like to focus on my hair and makeup, but I love to always spray lots of perfume so I smell as pretty as I feel. I try to always put some kind of hair oil or shine mist so my hair glistens, and don’t neglect your shoulders, your décolletage, and other parts of your body that you can put highlighter on. Highlighter is not only for cheekbones!

“My favourite body spray is Bath and Body Works diamond shimmer. Not only does it smell great but it also has glitter in it too!”


“I hope you like my tips and tricks, and you can use them for whatever style you have. Makeup is a tool for self-expression, but also a really fun way to learn new things and elevate yourself more. Check out my band’s music videos for all the dope looks that I love creating, and follow my band and I on Instagram for good music and good aesthetics.”

Artwork for the single “Hell Bent” by The Dev Nikollaj

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