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Premiere: Stardust One Strip Down for Their “Someday Soon” Live Acoustic Video

Stardust One is a band with a vintage spirit. No fluff or extravagance. Check out the premiere of their new live acoustic session music video for “Someday Soon.”



Stardust One is a band with a vintage spirit. No fluff or extravagance, just sheer rock n’ roll presence, reminiscent of a time when that’s all that mattered. The group has just released their new live acoustic session music video for “Someday Soon” which will be included on their upcoming album for which they have completed recording. This is a more stripped-down version of the single which you will find on the album, a set of songs specifically intended to sound like a big rock record that you would have bought 30 years ago, but more refined, using the recording technology of today.

Producer Paul Trust really helped the group in keeping to these sonic objectives. Having worked with Morgan Wallen and Starset, and being a songwriter himself, Trust understood what the band was going for when he initially was assisting in the pre-production phase of the record, so much so that he eventually became so committed to the quartet’s vision that he became the album’s producer.

Reflecting on how “Someday Soon” was written and the acoustic session, frontman Will Lopez shares with us:

“We were finished with the album, and had selected the songs, but Paul Trust the producer, came in on a Friday and said we need a couple more songs. So we went home and on Monday we brought two more ‘Almost Home’ and ‘Someday Soon.’ We demoed them that day and played them for Paul on Tuesday. That afternoon we knew we had our first single.

“The acoustic performance at InnerCat Studios we were really proud of because it was done in one take. I think we did the song twice, but we knew we had nailed it the first time. It’s great knowing that even with all the studio pyrotechnics available today that we can pull it off live.”

Based in Miami, Lopez was once the lead singer of Cuban punk rockers Guajiro. Funnily enough, he was also a standup comedian for a time. After getting divorced, Lopez reevaluated his career and two old friends in bassist Brad Berman and drummer Henry Perez to see if they were interested in playing together. They released the Lonely Station EP, but then, of course, the COVID-19 pandemic derailed everything.

It was time again for Lopez to reevaluate things once more, but as it turns out, the more locked in the band became, the more resolve they developed. The jam sessions became more regular which ushered in a very fruitful period of songwriting with the result being sixteen brand new tracks.

The creative juices are flowing, and Lopez and his bandmates are more than happy to ride the wave.

Artwork for the single ‘Someday Soon’ by Stardust One