Despite its playful, flirtatious title, Speed Control’s latest single “Mr Romance” is not quite as light-hearted as it sounds. The Yukon quartet is pleased to be unveiling their latest track, a bouncy alternative rocker about feeling like you’re letting everyone down, no matter what you do, while your hope is to show them that you’re in control, you’re not out of your mind, and you got this…

It’s an impressive new offering from the Peters brothers, Graeme and Jody, along with their musical partners in arms, drummer Eric Holland, and lead guitarist Greg McLaughlin.

Commenting on their new single, the band collectively states:

“‘Mr Romance’ was inspired by feeling like no matter what we do, we’re going to let someone significant down. Eric wrote the verses, and Greg the chorus, to prove that we won’t. We switched up the roles, with frontman Graeme on the drums, and Eric playing guitar and singing. Graeme and Eric are both amazing drummers and guitar players with very different playing styles, which complimented this song perfectly.

“You’ll also hear all four of us singing throughout its entirety. The pre-chorus highlights Greg and Eric on the lower parts, Graeme on the melody, and Jody on the high parts. There are synth parts mixed in and catchy layers of guitar from lead guitarist Greg who doubled as engineer on this track with Jan de Vroede occupying the producer chair. It took a while to make it happen, but wow are we happy with how it turned out!”

Propelled by a riff-heavy approach, Speed Control is rock music intended to move you, both physically and emotionally. Graeme and Jody formed the band in 2010 and quickly released their debut record The A.D.D. Sides. By 2012 they had released FAB and embarked on their first national tour, making their way from Whitehorse, Yukon all the way to Toronto, Ontario. In 2017, they released a self-titled record, with six months each spent touring in both 2018 and 2019.

Interestingly enough, over the last decade, the band has worked with over 400 schools in Canada in an effort to educate young people, on the history of rock, what it’s like to perform on stage, and what it really means to be in a rock band. The group is currently revving up their engine, writing new songs, and ready to start rocking again.

Artwork for the single “Mr. Romance” by Speed Control