It’s crazy to think that Sheffield’s Rolo Tomassi have been mesmerizing the hardcore scene for fifteen years now and, as they kick off touring for their sixth album, the incredible Where Myth Becomes Memory, we picked up the tour as it rolls into Manchester.

Joined Rolo Tomassi on the tour are two of the current crop of bands making serious noises on the UK scene. First up is Heriot, who introduces themselves with a barrage of aggressive metal. Fast-paced and aggressive, it’s impossible not to nod along to the filthy riffs and screams pouring from the stage. Armed with tracks like “Coalscence,” a new EP due in April followed by a summer of festival appearances booked, Heriot look set to make quite an impact on heavy music this year.

Continuing on with the pure chaos, Pupil Slicer hit us with their experimental aggressive electronic mayhem. Taking inspiration from Rolo Tomassi and the mathcore genre, their creativity knows no boundaries with their aggressive/experimental sound offering something different. Live, the chaos lends itself to an attention-grabbing set none more so than from vocalist/guitarist Kate Davies who throws herself fully into this truly special set.

It would come as no surprise to see Where Myth Becomes Memory in plenty of “End of Year” Top Album round-ups such is the quality of the album. A band who have been pushing the boundaries of hardcore since they formed fifteen years ago, the constantly evolving group is now truly starting to blossom into the kind of band they have always promised to become. Even though the album is only a few weeks old, the band squeezees a few tracks from the album into their set including particularly jaw-dropping renditions of “Drip” and “Closer.”

Rolo Tomassi (w/ Pupil Slicer, Heriot) @ Club Academy (Manchester, UK) on February 22, 2022

A phenomenal live band, vocalist Eva Korman matches her performance on the album showcasing a stunning range of visceral screams and heartwrenching cleans. Matching the creative chaos smashed out by her bandmates, Korman has become of the top vocalists in the UK today. A mesmerizing performance from the band, the set mixes up newer tracks with a slew of cuts from their equally jaw-slackening Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It, Rolo Tomassi have established themselves as one of the most exciting bands on the UK heavy scene and, with bands like Pupil Slicer and Heriot joining them, it’s quickly becoming a very exciting time for fans of heavy music.