Who ever said heartbreak is just confined to emotional pain? If you watch Pardyalone’s new music video for “Cupid,” you certainly won’t agree with that after witnessing the unbearable torture that the young artist endures. You’ll feel every jab just observing, as you watch him wallowing in pain, as that naughty nurse, as well as some other ruthless young women, inflict a heavy toll on his poor body.

The video was meant to be a specific visualization of the hurt and emotional weight that the song’s lyrics carry. It shows, literally, the unbearable and lasting pain that heartbreak can leave on a person, as Pardyalone illustrates the feelings of heartache, lust, and confusion that come with dealing with the emotions conjured up by old memories lingering around in your mind.

Despite its raw and genuine approach, Pardyalone has some fond memories of shooting the video, telling us:

“This was such a fun video to film, my first time with a makeup artist to make the arrow wound on my chest. Felt like I was in a movie.”

At only 22 years of age, Pardyalone, aka Kalvin Beal, is already making a lasting impression. Born and raised in the small town of Big Lake, Minnesota, and now based in Los Angeles, his brand of hip-hop is a lively one, predicated on energy and emotion. His early interest in the genre stemmed from his fascination with the instrumentals contained within some of his favourite songs. He credits Juice WRLD, Bryson Tiller, the legend Bob Marley as some of his primary inspirations.

Authenticity is the name of the game with Pardyalone, as his lyrics reflect on addiction, family issues, and love. He’s quickly climbing the ladder of hip-hop glory, but regardless of that, he just hopes you find something relatable in his musings on the harder side of life.

Artwork for thr single “Cupid” by Pardyalone