Dallas indie-pop artist Jett Jenkins just released her debut EP, Through My Eyes, which is a culmination of heartbreak, loss, changing friendships, and coming of age experiences. Each of the five songs on the project documents deeply personal, life-changing events that occurred in Jett’s world over the last few years. After losing her father, friends, and the reality she knew her whole life, the artist took to songwriting as an outlet for her grief. Jett hopes these songs offer comfort to those experiencing similar losses.

Through My Eyes is a personal testament to my grief and feelings for a year of my life,” says Jett. “These songs pour out words I couldn’t speak. They are very close to my heart and mean the world to me.”

Sonically, the EP captures the rock influences Jett grew up with while introducing a strong sense of indie-pop that allows fans of all backgrounds to enjoy listening. Inspired by strong female artists like Phoebe Bridgers, the singer found her sound naturally – blending the styles she most enjoys as a music fan with the raw vulnerability of honest lyrics. In addition to streaming now, Through My Eyes will soon be available on vinyl, yet to be announced.

Dallas fans can join Jett in celebration of this monumental milestone at her EP/vinyl release party on April 24 at The Barley House – ticket info coming soon.

Cover art for ‘Through My Eyes’ by Jett Jenkins