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In Conversation with Bella Perron: Plush Guitarist on Slash and Welcome To Rockville 2022 [w/ Audio]

Plush guitarist Bella Perron chats with Christopher Long and gets amped about her band’s debut record via Pavement Entertainment, touring with Slash and appearing at Welcome To Rockville 2022.



When I last spoke to guitarist Bella Perron back in October, her band had revved up from 0-90 in near-record time. Now, just six months later, Plush is travelling at warp speed. The band’s self-titled debut album dropped late last fall via Pavement Entertainment and has generated massive buzz, along with the video releases for the singles, “Hate” and “Better Off Alone.” Following a string of 2021 US concert tours with the likes of Mammoth, Halestorm, Evanescence and Sevendust, the hard-working New York-based combo is hitting even harder in 2022.

I recently spoke again with the newly-minted superstar shredder as she was packing her bags, prepping for Plush to head out on the road, opening for Slash. This is a “highlight reel” from that conversation which may be below in both Audio and Video formats via SoundCloud and YouTube respectively.

So much has happened in the Plush world since last fall, Bella and I had much catching up to do. And clearly, she’s enjoying the adventure. (Read my entire 2021 V13 interview with Bella here.)

“Since we last spoke, things just kept snowballing and growing and it’s really just been such a crazy ride. I really love what I do, and I’m so thankful to be able to do this.”

The two-week string of Plush dates on the upcoming Slash tour definitely has the 19-year-old musician more than a bit amped.

“The fact that all of this has been happening to us, really it’s been mind-blowing, you know. I keep telling people, ‘We’re going on the road with Slash.’ It still has not hit me, at all. Literally, right before this call, I was just jamming to Appetite for Destruction, just like I did when I was a kid in middle school or high school, you know. It still has not processed with me at all that we’re about to tour with him and open for him.”

Following the Slash tour, Plush heads down to the Sunshine State to kick off Day One of the four-day Welcome to Rockville festival invading the Daytona International Speedway from May 19-22. In addition to Five Finger Death Punch, Papa Roach, In This Moment and Black Label Society, Plush also will be performing on Day One with KISS — a “pinch me” experience for the young guitarist who points to former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley as one of her primary influences.

“First of all, it’s just such an honor to be part of something that’s so huge. The lineup this year for Welcome to Rockville is really just insane. It seems like, every killer band that’s out today is playing this festival. So, we’re honored, especially to be on Day One when everyone’s getting there and all excited, you know?”

Plush in 2022

In her off-stage downtime, what’s Bella got bangin’ in her earbuds these days?

“Right now, I’ve been listening to Dirty Honey a lot. A lot of Alice in Chains — I think that’s from hanging out with Ashley. Right now, I’ve been listening to Aerosmith Rocks quite a bit. And of course, stuff like Sabbath and Zeppelin. Pretty much the usual at the moment. But I’m always looking for new bands to listen to. Especially on the road, I’m constantly listening to music.”

Well, what about her own band’s new record?

“All of us were so excited because it felt like it captured really where we are as a band, and our journey up until this point. We’re all so excited because up until September we only had ‘Hate’ out. So, it’s been awesome getting the album out and having 13 songs that represent us as a band, instead of just the one.”

Anything working particularly well live?

“Our favorites to play live, we always kick off the show with ‘Athena’ and then go directly into ‘Champion.’ It’s just like the energy of those two songs really gets the crowd going.”

During our 2021 interview, with a bit of a wink, Bella referred to her bandmates as “geeks.” I was hoping she might elaborate, and perhaps reveal who’s the biggest geek in Plush.

“I feel like everyone has their own thing, you know. For me, talking about gear or guitars, specifically Ibanez guitars, I could talk about it all day. For Ashley, any sort of facts about Alice in Chains or Jerry Cantrell, she just knows all of this random stuff. It’s the funniest thing. And the same for Brooke and Moriah too, they’re very focused on music and gear. Up on stage, you probably wouldn’t guess, but for the most part, we are pretty quiet and introverted. We kinda like, nerd out.”

Artwork for the album ‘Plush’ by Plush

My chat with Bella was super-charged, for sure. You can listen to the entire interview by checking out Episode Four of my V13 podcast, Conversations — online NOW.

Plush 2022 Spring Tour Dates (Opening for Sevendust):

April 29 – 20 Monroe / Grand Rapids, MI
April 30 – The Filmore / Detroit, MI
May 01 – The Agora Theater / Cleveland, OH
May 04 – Sharkey’s / Syracuse, NY
May 08 – The Paramount / Long Island, NY
May 07 – Hampton Beach Casino / Hampton Beach, NH
May 08 – The Webster Theater / Hartford, CT
May 10 – HMAC / Harrisburg, PA
May 11 – Theatre of the Living Arts / Philadelphia, PA
May 13 – Rams Head Live / Baltimore, MD
May 14 – The Neighborhood Theatre / Charlotte, NC
May 15 – The Neighborhood Theatre / Charlotte, NC

*May 19 – Welcome to Rockville Festival / Daytona International Speedway

Welcome To Rockville 2022 Festival Admat

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