There’s nothing plain and simple about MeMo. The New York City-based singer and songwriter is such an expansive artist with such uniqueness, not just as an artist, but as a person. She’s today debuting her new single “Untouchable” from her new album Business of Healing, which will be released on April 29th. The song is an absolute triumph, with an ambitious sound, and a certain humour and tone to it that only the really great artists can pull off gracefully.

“Untouchable” is evidence of Memo’s wide-ranging musical influences that have helped transform her into an artist that you’d have a hard time typecasting. There’s an upbeat, doo-wop sound to it, with a sort of orchestral element, particularly in the chorus, and certainly an indie spirit at play as well. It’s a fun song that might make you laugh a little bit, and will most definitely stir some positive emotions in you.

Discussing “Untouchable” and the new record MeMo tells us:

“Over a decade ago, an ex sauntered back into my life and tempted me into an almost ruinous path of infidelity. Though I didn’t fall into his clutches, the musings of the fall birthed the song ‘Untouchable.’ The whole album, Business of Healing, marks a 15-year journey of healing and self-discovery- this song falls somewhere in the middle of the path…”

Although it started as a solo project, it’s important to set the record straight that MeMo, aka Morgan Lynch, is not entirely a solo act. It was at one time just her and her piano, but now her musical adventure, now termed MeMo and Friends, includes several, like-minded associates who help bring her vision to life. It’s an ever-evolving vision, one that is inspired by her past and the music she grew up with, with particular credit going towards Motown, female singer-songwriters, traditional Irish music, and indie rock.

The Business of Healing album is a batch of songs representative of MeMo’s overall goal as a musician; to use music as a method of healing. Healing as in being true to yourself, being the best, most unique version of yourself, and feeling ok about being who you are. It’s a positive message and one that MeMo hopes listeners will be able to relate to, as they enjoy the wide span of artistry that has made her who she is.

Artwork for the album ‘Business of Healing’ by MeMo