End Game Team Up with Scowl Vocalist Kat Moss on DIY Video “Devil In Disguise”

Rising Canadian hardcore band End Game team up with Scowl vocalist Kat Moss for frantic new single “Devil in Disguise”.



Hailing from Alberta, Canada, End Game delivers hardcore with a fun and blunt approach and is fast becoming a band to know in the hardcore scene. On their new single “Devil in Disguise,” the group teamed up with Scowl singer Kat Moss. The accompanying music video documents the rising underground hardcore scene the band is at the forefront of in Western Canada, taking cues from bands like No Warning and Comeback Kid.

Shot DIY-style in a skate bowl, live performance shots are spliced between moments of drinking copious amounts of their favourite beverage, Liquid Death and you can check out the video here.

Speaking about the hostility in the lyrics, the band reveals: “about people who are quick to stab you in the back, and locking them away sealing their fate to never harm you again.”

Having already released an EP in 2020 and a split with Atlanta crossover band Living In Fear last year, End Game is showcasing their evolution with “Devil In Disguise” as they fast become one of the hardcore bands to watch in North America and beyond.

Artwork for “Devil in Disguise” by End Game


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