Welcome to the world of Matt Kozar and Day of Departure. Buckle up, as he takes you on an eventful journey of wonder and fascination, with his expansive, ambitious new album. The self-titled debut is set to be released on March 25th, and ahead of that, he and his bandmates are unveiling the new music video for “Pierce The Sky (Conflict).”

Recorded over the span of two years entirely remotely, the album is designed to take listeners on a whirlwind journey, from chaos and despair, all the way to a new state of being with a new consciousness and reality. A dynamic record with a wide range of atmospheres, the band combines post-rock, ambient, progressive rock, and hard rock to arrive at a place of musical prominence that carefully balances all of its many influences and inspirations into something whole and fulfilling.

Commenting on the group’s new single, Kozar tells us:

“The song ‘Pierce the Sky (Conflict)’ is a driving force representing the will of humanity to resist their imminent demise, and is relatable for those facing similar conflicts throughout our world. This is the last chance to salvage our existence, even against insurmountable odds. Humanity fights back in our desperate bid to avoid annihilation. The ebb and flow of the song is intended to take the listener on a journey through the ever-changing and ultimately hopeless attempt to resist those seeking to eliminate us. Our only hope is to fight.”

Originating in Washington D.C., the band and its sound is very much influenced by the science fiction, comics, and graphic novels that were so important to Kozar in his adolescence. He remains an avid reader of all comics, and he ensures to lace his lyrics with subtle nods to the influence these works have had on him. While writing their debut album, the group found themselves left with several songs that didn’t make the final cut, which Kozar already has plans for as he maps the next chapter for Day of Departure. They hope to actually physically gather and rehearse the songs sometime this year, which would be a significant first step in the band becoming a live act.

With no immediate plans to be a live act, they’re thinking positively towards the future, and how Day of Departure can evolve, both musically and thematically.

Artwork for the album ‘Day of Departure’ by Day of Departure