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Premiere: Burn The Louvre Would Like You to Meet “Alison”

Kick-off the week with a rocking tune! Indie rockers Burn The Louvre premiere their latest single, “Alison,” off the duo’s upcoming album, ‘Silhouettes.’



There’s maybe no better song topic in the history of rock n’ roll than girls. It’s just a fact that most rock n’ rollers are male, and the opposite sex provides a lot of motivation when it comes to songwriting.

Take “Alison,” for instance, the new single from indie rockers Burn The Louvre. The song, which will be included on the duo’s upcoming Silhouettes album, was inspired by a woman that lead singer Jordan Speare once met who, looking back, provided just the right type of topic and motivation for him to write a really catchy, lighthearted ditty about certain people who leave our lives just as fast as they enter them. On the song, Speare is joined by singer-songwriter Stephanie Deshane who provided the female vocal parts.

With regards to the song, Speare recalls:

“Our third single ‘Alison’ is about this girl that I know. She was very nice and gave me some good advice after one of my gigs a long time ago. Most of the song is fiction, we didn’t really kiss or anything, I just borrowed her name for it because it worked really well with the arpeggio pattern I was playing with those high triad chords.

“So all of that aside, the song is about a person who comes into your life very suddenly and then leaves very suddenly. However, I like to imagine ‘Alison’ as the kind of girl who always leaves on a positive note. I thought that this one worked really well as a duet, so I’m very glad my friend Stephanie Deshane agreed to sing Alison’s lines on this song.”

Joining Speare in Burn The Louvre is guitarist and singer Sean Cooper. Previous to Cooper joining, this was something of a solo project for Speare, the first time ever that he was recording as just a solo artist. Based in Hamilton, Ontario, Speare actually recorded Silhouettes in late 2019 with the assistance of producer Mickey Ellsworth, prior to Cooper joining the fold.

One day, he randomly received an email from Cooper, answering a “Musicians Wanted” ad that Speare had long ago posted on Kijiji. They met for a beer and by the next week, they were jamming, with Speare impressed by Cooper’s ability to put his own spin on the songs, particularly when it came to the guitars. It became a no-brainer to remould Burn The Louvre into a duo and it’s worked out splendidly with the payoff still to come.

Artwork for the album ‘Silhouettes’ by Burn The Louvre