What if we told you there was a band that could combine the musical style of every decade post-World War II into one neat sound? You’d probably gasp and walk away, thinking this guy is a complete buffoon. Well, prepare to eat your hat, as we introduce you to swing metallers Big Muff 68, and their brand new music video for “Everything’s OK” from their latest record Swing Metal, due out May 6th via Mas-Kina Recordings.

Joining together the best ideas of the last 80 years of popular music, this band is zigging, while everyone else is zagging. You take the swinging drums of the ’40s, the underlying raunchiness of the ’50s, the organs popularized in the ’60s, the style of the ’70s, the slick long hair of the ’80s, and the thundering metal of the ’90s, and you get what you’ll hear on Swing Metal.

Commenting on the new video, bassist Bass Frehley shares:

“The music video for ‘Everything’s OK’ consists of what little footage exists from the last three or four days of recording the coming Swing Metal album sometime in 2009. In it, you can see the band with recording engineer Rune Lamøy, as well as special guests providing the gospel style backing vocals heard on the track.”

As the story goes, the name Big Muff 68 was decided on thanks to an unfortunate evening band member Chris Bartender spent with a Ukrainian Hopak dancer, as well as the distortion pedal of the same name. The number 68 was chosen quite carefully; because it’s the closest number to 69. We think you’re getting where we’re coming from now. Rounded out by Biff Gardiner, Steve Cattens, Dolby Surround, and Norge, it’s always a party when these six get together.

There will be more fun to be had on the 6th of May when Swing Metal takes the world by storm!

Artwork for the album ‘Swing Metal’ by Big Muff 68