Jake Aston knows a thing or two about suffering. Drowned in his own thoughts and existence, the Assimilate lead singer went through a very rough time recently, and he’s getting it all off of his chest on the band’s new single “Suffer In Silence.” This is the third single from the group’s new album of the same name, their second full-length, a set of tracks defined by heavy riffs, supercharged choruses, and punishing breakdowns.

“Suffer In Silence” is a very personal song for Aston, and it was written at a personal low point for him. To offer more context, Aston tells us:

“This song was written during the worst year of my life. My mental health had declined so significantly that I began to feel like I had become a completely different person to who I used to be. The new music video is also a continuation of a story we started in our last music video for our song ‘Limerence’ so if you watch one after the other, it creates a short, creepy film.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on so many, including Aston, who used his music as an outlet to express his struggles and his frustrations. But it’s also been a driving force that led to the writing and recording of Suffer In Silence. The lockdowns that were a result of the pandemic actually benefited Aston, as it gave him some purpose and inspiration when it came to his songwriting. Three years in the making, Suffer In Silence chronicles all the highs and lows in Aston’s life during that time, and he hopes that through these songs, they may help you learn something about yourself, just as he did about himself.

Suffer In Silence Track Listing:

1. Nothing Lasts Forever
2. Limerence
3. Parasites
4. Blood Hands
5. Suffer In Silence
6. Deathwish
7. Incisions
8. Amnesia
9. Nihilist
10. Everything Ends

Artwork for the single “Suffer In Silence” by Assimilate