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Arms of Kismet Débuts the New Single “My Projection of You” [Premiere]

Singer-songwriter Mark Doyon debuts “My Projection of You,” the latest single from his Arms of Kismet project.



Fact or fiction. Real or fake. Reality or fantasy. The lines have all been blurred, and sometimes it’s hard to decipher between the two. Singer-songwriter Mark Doyon tries to put it all in perspective for you with his new single “My Projection of You,” from his Arms of Kismet project. Doyon, notorious for his work as a record maker and author, openly considers the online universe in “My Projection of You,” and reflects on what we see in this world, and how it compares to actual reality. In other words, is what we see online about a person real, or is it just what they’d like us to know about them?

Elaborating on this point, Doyon says:

“What we see online isn’t real… It’s a projection someone has created. In ‘My Projection of You,’ I’m watching a story told by another person, a sort of aspirational home movie this person has made about herself. That is all the information I have about her. Her Instagram feed is revealing, even telling in ways she might not see, but it isn’t real. So I ponder these poses — of fun, joy, fulfillment, success — while still curious about the real person behind them.”

Doyon is a widely praised artist, who has received accolades and approval in such publications as PopMatters, The Washington Post, The Daily Vault, Hybrid, Skope, The Absinthe Literary Review, 3AM Magazine, Hypebot, and Riffraf. It’s been 18 years since the release of the first Arms of Kismet record Eponymous, and in that time, Doyon has released four other records under the title, with the most recent being 2018’s Ballads and Bromides. He followed that record up with a couple of single releases over the last two years and now intends to start releasing a steadier stream of new music.

While he spearheads the project, Arms of Kismet is not solely Doyon’s efforts. He works with a diverse set of collaborators who help broaden and bolster the Arms of Kismet sound, including John Lee Sanders, (Randy Newman, Jimmy Page), Audrey Karrasch (ALKE, The Voice), Eamon Loftus, Kowtow Popof, Steve Burdette, Chris Armes, and Ritchie Rubini (The Caulfields). Doyon uses Arms of Kismet as an avenue for blending genres in novel, innovative ways which make him a songwriter certainly worthy of your focused attention.


Artwork for the single “My Projection of You” by Arms of Kismet