No need to take cover; this is one “MONSTR” that you can welcome with open arms. Today we’re stoked to unveil the music video for the latest single by Prism Waves, released via Pop Riot Music. Captivating and no doubt memorable, the song emphasizes the band’s unique take on emotional indie rock, coupled with some sublime performance visuals. The video is a meeting of the minds between more traditional performance rock and some more evocative dancing parts, created and choreographed by dancer and choreographer Caitlin Rose.

Time and time again, the band has proven itself to be so much more than just a rock group that can command an audience. They are committed to bringing their songs to life which has fueled their focus on making them less of just an auditory experience, and more of a more well-rounded, audio-visual event.

Elaborating on the song and contextualizing the video for us, the band shares:

“‘MONSTR’ is really about anything that latches onto your heart to a point where you’re following wherever it goes. I’m sure some people listen to this and think about a person or a relationship. For me, this is about our relationship with inspiration and that’s really what this video is about. It’s a beautifully chaotic relationship when you’re aching for that high of creativity and it’s just teasing you, barely out of reach. But then when you are aligned and you’re in that flow, it’s a rush, the best feeling even with something as simple as writing a poem or song.”

Musically speaking, Prism Waves are characterized by their lush arrangements, compelling rhythms, and addictive melodies. During the worst of the pandemic lockdown, the quartet decided it was time to refresh things and rename and rebrand themselves. Along with this, they seized the opportunity to revamp their sound and refocus how they approached music. This adjustment has led the band to make their music into more of a multimedia experience, and aside from Rose, they have also worked with Steve Agee, known for his collaborations with hit filmmaker James Gunn, who helped them develop their musical short film Maid of Heaven.

A lot of bands discuss bringing their music to life, but how many actually do bring it to life in such a clever, interactive way?

Artwork for the single “MONSTR” by Prism Waves