If you’re feeling Out of Place, well, let’s just say that you’ve come to the right place. You’ve arrived just in time for Longboat’s brand new single “From Moon To Moons” from the new album Out of Place, ready to drop on February 25th. The song is an impressive vocal display from band frontman Igor Keller who injects the song full of mood, ambience, and melody. It’s indicative of Keller’s minimalist approach to both his vocals and his songwriting, with his voice doing the heavy lifting, really pulling you into the atmosphere that the Seattle band is trying to create.

What is music without feeling? Well, it would be pretty boring music! Keller shines brightly in the space within which he’s working, one that is haunting, cinematic, and quite frankly captivating.

When asked about “From Moon To Moons,” Keller shares:

“The search for a sympathetic audience is a tough and arduous undertaking. I imagine it could be likened to wandering around the solar system, exploring various moons and finding nothing. The moons themselves may be alluring in some way, but there is nothing to keep you there, so you have no choice but to wander further.“

Throughout Out of Place, as well as his previous work, Keller’s greatest asset may be his ability to navigate in between different genres and make it sound all composed and organic. The album is both exhilarating and hypnotic, meant to engross you as all good music should. Each of Out of Place’s nine tracks is interrelated with each other. The album’s title offers an easy hint at what Keller is getting at with his latest work. The songs are about not feeling as though one fits in with their particular location, whether it be because of a lack of support or an absence of intellectual foundation. The album finds Keller searching for a solution to this frustration, while he lets his imagination run wild.

Well thought out with an unflappable approach, Keller is operating on a whole other wavelength as he enters the next phase of his musical vision.

Out of Place Track Listing:

1. From Moon To Moons
2. All Ends
3. Lend A Hand
4. Album By Dead Album
5. In The Same Boat
6. Success Is Other People
7. Never A Guy
8. Dim Illusion
9. You Still Carry The Light

Artwork for the single “Out of Place” by Longboat