Musicians and songwriters are often referred to as storytellers, but in the case of Christoph Paul and Brett Petersen, they literally are “storytellers.” What do we mean? Two-thirds of the New York-based trio The Dionysus Effect are also highly lauded authors who, when they’re not writing music, are writing books and works of fiction, like Petersen’s 2020 offering The Parasite From Proto Space and Other Stories.

Ready to jumpstart their music career, The Dionysus Effect is pleased to release their debut single “Stars,” a spirited slice of alternative rock, heavy on ‘90s era alt-rock and modern alternative pop appeal. The song itself is about looking forward, or towards the “stars,” with a certain sense of optimism that you’ll be with the one you love, and stay with them even when they’re gone. It will appear on the band’s debut album, due out shortly.

Elaborating on this point, Paul and Petersen say:

“‘Stars’ is about being in love with someone who is living in a different state. It feels like you are universes apart from them when you can’t see them physically. You want to find any way to see and hold them again. We wanted a lyric video that captured that literally. ‘Stars’ is a bitter-sweet alt-rock song about love and loss. We wanted this song and video to capture the feeling of the one you love feeling far away but searching through the universe to finally find them.”

Formed in 2020, Paul, Petersen, and guitarist Sean Quinn Hanley, were motivated to come together by their shared passion to write songs that are driven by raw energy and the timeless spirit of rock n’ roll. As authors, Paul and Petersen use writing as a medium to not only be creative but also to convey the things about life and the world they feel are important. They were inspired to start this group for similar reasons, using the band to find meaning and purpose, as they navigate life’s highs and lows. It’s their poetic expression that is the perfect accompaniment to their captivating amalgamation of grunge rock, darkwave, indie, alternative rock, and pop.

Artwork for the single “Stars” by The Dionysus Effect