Built off of brotherhood and sharing the highs and lows of life, The Attire is ready to emerge in a significant way with their debut full-length album. Just released on February 24th, Songs About Girls Like You has been a long time coming for the duo of Greg Shilling and Stephen Santa Teresa, friends since childhood who have grown together, not only as individuals and friends but also as musicians and songwriters. The songs that encompass Songs About Girls Like You are reflections on the ups and downs of a relationship. From the indescribable excitement at the beginning to the settled, predictable routine, to the crumbling and loss of faith, the songs demonstrate the key moments that characterize all things relationship.

With a very current and sometimes funky sound, along with some thought-provoking, sometimes romantic lyrics, the album is reminiscent of some of today’s premier pop artists like Bruno Mars and Maroon 5. It’s pretty impressive stuff from two guys originally from Washingtonville, New York, a suburban enclave 46 miles from Manhattan.

With excitement in the air over the release of their full-length debut, The Attire joins us today for a very special playlist they call “Break Up Songs in Disguise.” These are songs that are, on the surface, maybe not so melancholy, but when you look a little closer, are full-fledged breakup tunes to cry your heart out over.

1. Lizzo – “Good As Hell”

“Breakups are never fun, but Lizzo helped us all out by making the ‘moving on’ anthem of the century. The subtle (yet, not so subtle) lyrics point to overcoming heartbreak and mistreatment. Despite its fun demeanor, it’s all about helping that heart heal. Give this song a listen after a breakup, and we guarantee you’ll be feeling ‘good as hell’ in no time.”

2. The Attire – “Girls Like You”

“Get ready to dig up some past trauma in the coolest way possible! This lively ‘yacht-rock’ pop song expresses the troubles of dating someone super toxic (hey, we’ve all done it). From gaslighting to straight up ‘lying about that guy you told me not to worry about,’ this song shares the ridiculousness we put up with in our past relationships. Regardless of the heart-wrenching lyrics, the music will make you want to blast it with the windows down, belting along at the top of your lungs to get over the ‘GIRLS LIKE YOU’ in your life.”

3. Doja Cat feat. SZA – “Kiss Me More”

“What can you do when love starts fizzling out? Ignore it? Break up? Couples Therapy? Well, Doja Cat provides the perfect answer: kiss more! This pop masterpiece is laced with sleek guitar, shimmering synths, and a drum groove that will make you want to get up and kiss somebody (with consent, of course). The lyrics don’t necessarily point to a breakup, but they make a subtle nod to yearning for more in a relationship. We’ve all had a relationship that lost its mojo, but Queen Doja gives us an easy remedy that is beyond easy to listen to. It makes the perfect match for a ‘break up song in disguise!’”

4. MANSIONZ feat. G-Eazy – “Wicked”

“This fun, ‘80s pop inspired record shares the woes of wanting to ‘keep your distance’ from a lover who is absolutely no good for you. Its buoyant and upbeat vibe is laced with yearning and sadness for a case of some serious unrequited love (which makes it the perfect song for our playlist) Although it’s a sad tale we’ve all been through before, you won’t want to ‘keep your distance’ from this one!”

5. Jason Derulo – “Ridin’ Solo”

“I’m pretty sure we’ve all downed a tequila shot to this song before (no, just me?) It feels like a party anthem, but the lyrics paint a picture of overcoming heartbreak. With this song on repeat, you won’t mind riding solo, and getting over that ex all at the same time.”

6. Lykke Li – “Sex Money Feelings Die”

“This poetic banger (yes, we did just say that) is one of the most fun, yet dismal songs that could ever grace your ears. It includes the beautiful reminder that everything dies, including love and feelings. Yet through that existential crisis is one of the most beautiful beats we’ve ever heard. If you’re looking for a song to help you cry and turn up at the same time, let this one be it.”

7. Tame Impala – “The Less I Know The Better”

“This song can easily make an appearance at the frat party function, or your ‘crying in my room at 2 am thinking about her’ playlist (wait, you don’t have that one?) The groovy bass, slick drum beat, and throwback-reverb are all ingredients in Tame Impala’s indie-pop masterpiece. The mournful lyrics are tucked away behind some epic vocal effects, making this a perfect match for our ‘break up songs in disguise’ playlist.”

8. MGMT – “Electric Feel”

“These psychedelic synths, guitars, and drum grooves will make you want to dance, but trust us, it’s still a heartbreaker. Lyrically speaking, this song is more symbolic than literal, but the metaphors are what make this one a breakup song hidden in plain sight! MGMT discuss being turned on by a girl that shocks them. But we all know electricity has some bite. MGMT are quoted saying this song is about ‘substances that intoxicate;’ that’s all we need to know that this one is about pain and pleasure, toxicity, and coming back for more when you really shouldn’t.”

9. Miley Cyrus – “Midnight Sky”

“‘Midnight Sky’ is the feeling you get when you realize you don’t need anyone’s love. Miley sings about her getting over a breakup and how she doesn’t need anyone holding her back. She builds a powerful narrative showing off her independence, with the last lines of the chorus being, ‘that I was born to run, I don’t belong to anyone. I don’t need to be loved by you.’ And it definitely makes you want to run, and dance, move, get up, and move forward! The groove and lyrics make this musical and lyrical pairing a ‘break up song in disguise.’”

10. Robyn – “Dancing On My Own”

“This song makes you want to dance and cry at the same time. The pop synth pop driven bass lines with a hard four on the floor beats will have you forgetting your ex… that is, until you hear the lyrics. The lyrics talk about how you see your ex moving on without you, but it’s fine because you’ll be dancing on YOUR own!”

11. Silk Sonic – “Smoking Out The Window”

“Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak sing about the frustrations they have about their relationship. It went from being madly in love to picking up the habit of smoking out of stress. They would spend money and time just to get into drama and fights. Although the lyrics express the awful moment before a breakup, the music makes you want to sing along, totally unbeknownst to the sorrow of Paak and Mars.”

12. Patrice Rushen – “Forget Me Nots”

“This is a classic R&B/soul song from 1982. You wouldn’t think a song with such a groovy bassline would have a hidden message of poetic heartbreak. ‘Forget Me Nots’ is the stage of the breakup where you are contemplating taking them back after you think about all the things that you have done for them. It is also a reminder that you were so good to them and that you are going to be hard to forget. There is a poetic feel to this song, with Forget-Me-Nots’ being flowers that die in the winter, but re-sprout and come alive in the spring.”

13. Good Charlotte – “Girls & Boys”

“We love how this song from the early 2000s incorporated pop punk with 1980s inspired guitar. It showcases lyrically what a girl and boy both do to try and impress the opposite sex. It expresses the frustration of the shallowness of relationships at the time that still hold true to this day. Helping you get over that ex, by saying all girls and boys want the same thing. We’ve all felt this way after breakups: tired of the games, the lies, and the plunders of dating. That is why we can see right through the fun rock driven guitars, and clearly see this was a song born out of dating frustration, making it a perfect ‘break up song in disguise.’”

Artwork for the album ‘Songs About Girls Like You’ by The Attire

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