No matter how perfect or straight-edged you may make yourself out to be, everyone’s got a dark side, or maybe we should say some Dark Secrets. They may be buttoned up and hidden away, but they end up manifesting themselves in different and subtle ways.

Red Devil Vortex is pleased to be revealing some Dark Secrets of their own today with the release of their brand new EP, and the debut of their latest music video for the album cut, “Psycho.” Dark themed, but relatable, the EP is a defining moment in the band’s career, as it marks the beginning of a new age for them, and builds off the momentum they began to erect back in 2018 after the highly positive response to their 2018 Something Has To Die EP.

Explaining the theme of the song and the significance of their new EP, lead singer and bassist Gabriel O’Connor says:

“‘Psycho’ is a fictional story based on the dark side often present in toxic relationships and it’s the last song created with the late producer Augustus Cryns (1989-2020), who’s also worked with the band in their first EP Something Has To Die (2018). The new EP, Dark Secrets, marks a transitional moment for the band with the joining of guitarist Luis Kalil as the new member. It’s set to be released on February 4th. Along with the original songs, it also features a version of ‘Mother,’ originally by Danzig.”

Since coming on board, Kalil has meant a lot to the survival and success of Red Devil Vortex. Based in Los Angeles, Kalil joined the band as a 21-year-old Brazilian guitar prodigy who in his short career has already won the support of Steve Vai, Corey Taylor, Kiko Loureiro, and Dirk Verbeuren. The future of the band was very much in doubt after original guitarist Pablo Kravicz departed during the recording of their sophomore EP, and their close friend and producer Augustus Cryns passed away during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns. Kalil’s guitar parts were recorded and mixed into the tracks that they worked on with Cryns, ensuring to both honour the work they had done with him, and also to create a new chapter in the group’s legacy.

It’s been quite the ride, from Curitiba, Brazil, to Los Angeles, California with many bumps along the way, but the trio is pushing forward and thriving in the process.

Artwork for the single “Psycho” by Red Devil Vortex