Conveniently releasing her lovey-dovey track on Valentine’s Day, or for everybody else, February 14, Maria Deirisarri’s newest song “The Same” showcases the fluttering of ecstasy when stumbling across a new love interest. Produced by Patrick Taylor (also known as Lazuli Vane), the song draws listeners in with its light, feathery vocals and dreamy ukulele. Every element of the track places listeners right into the heart of the character at hand.

Urging her “other half” gently to consider opening up to her, she reassures her partner that the connection she feels knows no bounds. Towards the bridge, Deirisarri is met vocally by the object of her affection, singing “I know who you are, because you know who I am. And it feels so amazing to find the right match.|” Their voices weave together seamlessly in order to demonstrate the mutually wondrous feelings that both parties are experiencing. As if listening to the passionate outpouring of a lover’s diary, “The Same” strikes the perfect balance of endearing and relatable.

Always making sure to pay homage to her Latin roots, Deirisarri makes sure to include a portion where she sings in Spanish. Keeping to her topic, she indulges in the romanticism of it all by fantasizing poetically “Como crecen las flores cuando estas conmigo” meaning “How the flowers bloom when I’m with you.” In this way, Deirisarri is fully present in her budding love, letting the feelings wash over her while allowing listeners to experience it all alongside her.

Lyrically, Deirisarri believes it’s the most beautiful song she’s ever written and shares that it’s moved many to tears. So scooch a little closer to your love, gaze into each other’s eyes and allow “The Same” to stir up those beautiful feelings of amorous adoration this Valentine’s Day.

Cover art for “The Same” by Maria Deirisarri