Every rock band forms with its own purpose and goals in mind. Armed with their music, some are out for world domination while others look to make political statements reflective of their personal beliefs. And some are a product of their influences, however unique or out of the ordinary they may be. France’s Le Tunnel de l’Enfer was formed with a very specific intention; to pay tribute to the action movies they grew up with that made such a lasting impression on them.

Enter the band’s new music video for “Roy Nord is a turd.” Moving at breakneck speed and coming in just under one whole minute, the song is the band’s way of showing their appreciation for the 1996 Sylvester Stallone action thriller Daylight. Though not considered one of Stallone’s finest moments, the film meant a lot to the band, particularly the Roy Nord character who appears in it.

Commenting on the song and its relationship to Daylight, the band collectively state:

“‘Roy Nord is a turd’ is the second video clip of the band. The clip was directed by Otto Rivers and includes clips from the films Meute/Il Branco, Mr. Accident, Slaxx, Devil Dog, The Dogs, Rottweiler, Daylight, Prophecy, and American Psycho.

“Roy Nord is the character played by Viggo Mortensen in the film Daylight. He is an absolutely unbearable character whose death is the mirror of his stupidity barely veiled by an immense egocentrism. The lyrics also refer to the movie Point Break, explaining that Roy Nord would like to ride the wave of success forever but he has none of the intelligence of Bodhi (Patrick Swayze).”

Funnily enough, Le Tunnel de l’Enfer is a product of the COVID-19 Pandemic in many regards. Their debut EP A Tribute To Daylight, where you can find “Roy Nord is a turd,” was written without any of the four band members having rehearsed together. The whole songwriting process was done through file sharing and video conferencing before they all got together and recorded the album late last year.

Released on January 24th via Minga Records, A Tribute To Daylight is a vicious audio assault featuring songs so fast you have to stay focused to keep up. It’s very much a product of the band members’ appreciation of fast-paced punk rock, hardcore, and grind. They’re already looking ahead to what’s next, and that’s to record a sophomore EP paying tribute to another action movie.

It may be an unconventional approach, but we’re thinking this band is onto something big.

Artwork for the album ‘A Tribute to Daylight’ by Le Tunnel de l’Enfer