If you’re looking for some “Fond Memories,” we suggest you take a ride down “Harmony Road” with the spirited and passionate Jewels Gold. We are thrilled to be helping to debut the TikTok star’s brand new music video from The Singles Collection, an upcoming six-track EP release via Burnside/The Orchard that she has poured her heart and soul into.

To debut the songs, she is releasing them one by one, each week as live performance videos in the leadup to the EP’s release. That way, the songs can more naturally evolve, just like your opinion of them, as you first experience them as rawer, off-the-cuff performances and then as well-produced studio jams. Such a release strategy is rare, but the singer-songwriter is determined to introduce herself in the most honest, genuine way possible, separated from the studio trickery that artists often announce themselves with.

Reciting to us how the song came to her, the young songstress tells us:

“During a stressful day I left my house and went on a drive, searching for a change of scenery. I didn’t have a destination in mind, I just figured I’d go for a ride, and then I stumbled upon an intersection called Harmony Road. I was searching for harmony in my life at that moment, and when I discovered a real street called Harmony Road, it resonated with me, and I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.

“While I was driving, I came up with the lyric ‘Harmony Road, it feels like home, No harm for me on Harmony Road.’ As soon as I got back home, I finished the song in 15 minutes. It’s the song I wrote the fastest in this collection, and it always brings me a strong sense of comfort.”

Like for so many other young, developing stars, TikTok has been a blessing for Jewels Gold in her attempt to be recognized for her exceptional musical abilities. As she recorded an EP through 2021, and then further developed her songwriting skills, TikTok became the ideal outlet for her to swiftly and promptly post her latest material for others to experience as she was writing it. On a nearly daily basis, she shared a mix of original content with cover songs, and her popularity began to explode.

In a matter of weeks, she racked up 275,000 followers, with many fans requesting that she release a collection of her own songs. This led to her recording these acoustic video sessions, inviting her listeners to be part of the songs as they grew, and avoiding any contrived pop gimmicks. This is an artist who is the real deal, and couldn’t be happier to share with you the most authentic version of herself.

Tour Dates:

02/23 – Boston, MA
02/24 – New York, NY
02/25 – Baltimore, MD
02/26 – Washington, DC
04/07 – New York, NY @ Rockwood Music Hall

Artwork for the album ‘Jewels Gold’ by Jewels Gold