Indie-pop artist Jett Jenkins just released her moody new single “Joyride” to introduce her upcoming summer EP Through My Eyes. Written by Jenkins, the single touches on the trivial life events that deeply impacted the singer’s outlook on the past, present and future. Experiencing the loss of her father, while also losing friends, Jenkins plunged into a sea of sadness. “Joyride” is a beautiful, heart-wrenching diary entry for this young woman’s most emotional and trying times. “This song is very dear to me and represents my deepest and inner feelings,” says Jenkins. “It truly means so much to me.”

Jenkins is no stranger to using her music as an outlet for grief, mental health, and the other battles of being human. “After, this is how it feels,” she sings. “Blankness, numbness, nothing.” Listeners can sink into the raw feelings of grief as Jenkins’ delicate vocals lead them through an emotional process of realizing their reality. Fans should expect more songs like this on Jett Jenkins’ upcoming EP Through My Eyes, to be released in April.

Cover art for “Joyride” by Jett Jenkins