With his brand new single “Found,” singer-songwriter Rufus Miller is a big heaping tablespoon of mixed feelings. To go along with the song, Miller has put together a clever accompanying music video, featuring himself being literally carried around on an iPhone, as he pours his heart out to the phone’s possessor.

The song comes across as solemn, but it has a hint of optimism in it, representing the light and the dark of a close relationship. It gives off a sensation of becoming lost at sea, while also being ‘found’ and accounted for. Loss, hope, relief; it’s like an emotional jigsaw puzzle all in one song.

Expounding on the song and its significance, Miller tells us:

“‘Found’ is as much about loneliness as it is about being found. The light and dark, the duality within us all which causes us to feel alone as well as connected. Conjuring images of remembering a long lost love or discovering a new intimate relationship. Nostalgic yet fresh. The minimalist arpeggiated electric guitar and gentle vocal lines give a folk sensibility. Beautiful but eerie at the same time.

“We hear the lingering darkness of the track always present, but with the light leading the way. The song has a stripped back and raw approach, with this intimate and honest sound, the simplicity of the soft electric guitar leads us deeper into love.

“Written in Camberwell and Copenhagen. Recorded in Beckenham with Frederick Fuller. The video made by Ralph Fuller on Mare Street. My character, a phone, longing for attention.”

Miller has an interesting backstory in music, with a long, rich history that has led him to this point. He has played in several bands over the years, most prominently in the legendary Sting’s backing band, with his father Dominic Miller, as well as his sister Misty Miller. You may refer to him as a genre-less artist, a musician who is willing to drift off into exotic musical territory. Hard rock, post-punk, heavy metal, goth; you name it, Miller has been there and done that.

Some of the bands on his list of credits include Arrows of Love, This Be The Verse, Sleaze, Riddles, and Great Western. Miller is now focused on releasing his debut EP Deeper Into Love, due out in May, which he has been recording alongside Fuller, his closest collaborator. The time has come for Rufus Miller and he’s ready to help you drift away towards the light, and the dark.

Tour Dates:

02/05 – Slim Jim’s, Islington, London, UK

Artwork for the single “Found” by Rufus Miller