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Dillon Francis (w/ Yung Gravy, DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip, & Sydney Lee) @ The Criterion (Oklahoma City, OK) on January 24, 2022 [Photos & Show Review]

It was a brisk Monday night when Dillon Francis rolled through Oklahoma City with Yung Gravy, DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip and Sydney Lee for the “Sugar, Spice, and Everything Ice” tour, but things quickly got hot inside The Criterion (Oklahoma City, OK) as evidenced by PQ Multimedia’s coverage.



It was a brisk, and cold Monday night when Dillon Francis rolled through Oklahoma City with Yung Gravy, DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip and Sydney Lee for the “Sugar, Spice, and Everything Ice” tour. It was a night that has been waiting to happen for the past two years but, sadly, had to be pushed back because of Covid-19. Needless to say, you could feel the excitement in the air as this has been a long-awaited show for the city of OKC.

To start off the night we had local up-and-coming Tulsa artist, Sydney Lee take the stage, and get the crowd in the right mood. She was the perfect way to begin the evening with her slick remixes of songs, and her own brand of dance music.

Up after that was DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip who is the DJ for Yung Gravy. He was the perfect hype man for Yung Gravy’s personality and sound. One of the highlights was him tossing out baked goods (I think they were twinkies possibly?) to the audience. He also had the crowd moving, and singing a lot to his music as he had an assortment of cuts of pop songs that got the crowd moving.

After DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip got the crowd hyped up, Yung Gravy took the stage. I’ve heard of him before, but not a lot so I was definitely going in with a blind eye. One could definitely tell that the crowd loved him, and his unique style of music. He had such an interesting way of blending in and weaving music from the ’50s and ’60s into his blend of rap music that it was very refreshing to hear.


Dillon Francis & Yung Gravy at The Criterion (Oklahoma City, OK on January 23, 2022 by PQ Multimedia

And, lastly, we had Dillon Francis come on who I (and many others) was the most pumped to see. I love, love, love his style of dance music. There’s just something so animalistic, intense, and grimey about it. The visuals he had were also great as well, and very entrancing. DF’s music got the crowd moving so much that I remembered seeing out of the corner of my eye a lady aggressively twerking at the bar while she was getting her drink when he played his international hit song “Get Low.” DF’s music is just that addicting if you’re into his brand of dance.

Finally, after Dillon Francis played his last song he brought out Yung Gravy, and they closed out the set with their song “Hot Tub.” All in all, it was a fantastic night, and if you love to dance and move your feet then I definitely recommend checking out this tour when they come to a town near you. You won’t regret it!