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Born Lost Embrace Life’s Great Unknowns in Their “The Strangest Places” Music Video [Premiere]

Lifted from their forthcoming EP ‘All In’ (Revolver Records), the Lou Cuello-fronted Born Lost débuts their new music video for “The Strangest Places.”



Sometimes the darkest times provide the infrastructure for the biggest comebacks, something Lou Cuello knows a thing or two about. Cuello is the frontman, guitarist, and mastermind behind Born Lost, who today are pleased to be dropping their new music video for “The Strangest Places,” off of the band’s forthcoming EP All In, due out later this year via Revolver Records.

With a video that matches the gripping emotion of the song, Cuello has gone “all in” with this new single, a track about hope and looking to the optimism that tomorrow brings. The song is directly influenced by Cuello meeting his wife and moving with her to Delaware, a magical moment that reassured him that if you just keep pushing, it¦s going to all work out. Surprises always eventually come; we just have to find them.

Starting slowly, “The Strangest Places” is an intense track that slowly climbs to an exploding finish. With more to say on the song, and explaining the context of the video, Cuello states:

“This song was written at a point in my life where hope was being restored. It emphasizes on the need to face every day no matter how jaded we’ve become, because life always has the ability to surprise us all.

“The video is meant to show emotion and fragility from the onset, but ultimately exhibit strength and resilience in the finale. it was filmed at an abandoned warehouse in Jersey City.”

After a five-year hiatus from the music scene, Cuello was inspired to form Born Lost in late 2020. Frustrated with the ongoing COVID-19 related lockdowns, he got together with bassist Kyle Baker and drummer Matt Ciliberto, and the chemistry was right there from the get-go. Their intention was to form an authentic new band that still paid its respects to the rock stars who helped pave the way.

Helping to literally pave Cuello’s way was his mother, a singer in the classic punk band The Stray Cats, who wanted to ensure her son learned the uplifting value of music. When he fell on hard times, the lessons from his mother came into greater focus, which was one of the driving forces behind the formation of Born Lost. There’s no denying it, Cuello is “all in,” and he’s intent on passing on the wisdom and the poise that his mother so gracefully passed on to him.

Artwork for the EP ‘All In’ by Born Lost