Britney Spears’ biography might be as unpredictable as gambling at an online casino, but, regardless of her path in life, she has long since been releasing popular pieces of pop perfection to the joy of fans (and chagrin of haters) the world over. In fact, the trend continues and cannot be ignored.

With that short intro out da way, today we take a short dive into what many consider to be—based on overall popularity, quality, and sales—Spears’ top tunes. Enjoy and drop us a comment below!

“Baby One More Time” (1998)

This is Britney’s very first music video. It was the beginning of the pop princess’ dizzying career. And the innocent image of a schoolgirl with pigtails and fluffy elastic bands is still iconic. Even today it’s still a go-to Halloween costume.

“Piece of Me” (2007)

The song and video became a kind of manifesto: in it, Britney talked about her relationship with the press. Only a few months after the nervous breakdown that sent her to rehab. The song was one of the most successful of all the star’s tracks.

“Womanizer” (2008)

It was this song along with the music video that was dubbed Britney’s triumphant return after a difficult period in her life. The single went multi-platinum in the USA selling 2 million copies.

“Toxic” (2004)

Britney’s calling card. In one of her interviews, the singer even stated that it was her favourite video clip of her entire career. For this track, by the way, Spears won her first Grammy for “Best Dance Recording.”

“Lonely” (2001)

The most common opinion about the singer’s third album is that Britney is growing up, and therefore allows herself a little more than before. Thus, the songs of the “Hit Me (Baby) One More Time” format became less, but the hymns of emancipation became more. An exuberant rebuke to an ex-boyfriend, the song “Lonely,” is one of the signal lights, marking the new stage of Britney’s creative evolution, more brave and uninhibited.

“Born to Make You Happy” (1999)

Probably the most inconspicuous single from the singer’s debut album, it’s not without its charm. “Born to Make You Happy” is a song about how a girl wants to mend her relationship with her ex-boyfriend and go to great lengths to achieve her goal. It’s interesting that originally the lyrics were different, but Britney herself asked to make the lyrics a bit softer.

“Someday” (2005)

One of Britney’s quietest and most lyrical songs is a reflection on divine foreshadowing, a future child and a desire for harmony in family life.

Listening to the song, you wouldn’t say it was surrounded by the dramatic and turbulent context of Britney’s life and career. Someday became the soundtrack to the five-part reality series “Britney and Kevin: Chaotic,” chronicling the couple’s relationship from dating to marriage. Critics scolded the show for its hideous camera angles, and Britney herself was accused of being narcissistic and hysterical.