One of the greatest values of music is its ability to enable change, growth, and liberation, and that’s on full display on Planepacked’s brand new single “War Song,” and upcoming album Transactinides. Led by the charismatic and unmistakable frontwoman Jessica Kagan, “War Song” is the band’s latest single, but it will not be featured on Transactinides when the band’s sophomore record is released on April 8th.

“War Song” comes as part of a special double single release, with the B-side an instrumental version of the rousing track. Despite it not appearing on the record, the track serves as a complete introduction for new listeners just getting acquainted with the band’s “metaltronica” sound that was introduced on their debut full-length, Critical Mass.

Providing some detail behind the song, and its importance to her as an individual, Kagan says:

“‘War Song’ was written as I learned how to sing, early in the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s an ode to trans joy and pride, and the LGBTQ+ community’s long struggle against prejudice. This single is also a proving ground for musical ideas I plan to explore in future Planepacked albums.”

Transactinides is a special release for Planepacked as it marks the first new music since Kagan’s gender transition. It delves into the experience of recreating and redefining oneself, and how that changes one’s view of the world. More musically advanced than its predecessor, the album veers off into new musical territory, further developing the metaltronica sound that Kagan hones throughout Critical Mass. It features some of the first harsh vocals of Kagan’s musical career, and is a more moody, technically advanced release.

When Kagan began work on what became Transactinides, she originally did not intend it to be this expansive of a release, one that is not only musically advanced, but thematically quite expansive, with allusions to physics, science, and technology and how that interacts with her views on gender and sexuality. It’s a thrilling ride of ingenuity that will open your mind up to a whole new world of soundscapes, melodies, and musical possibilities.

Artwork for the single “War Song” by Planepacked