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Catterina Details the Healing Journey After Heartbreak in Debut EP ‘Four Twenty One’

Indie-pop singer-songwriter Catterina leads listeners through her experience healing after a loss of love in her debut EP, ‘Four Twenty One,’ out now.



Indie-pop singer-songwriter Catterina leads listeners through her experience healing after a loss of love in her debut EP, Four Twenty One, out now. After an exciting premiere on Jammerzine, the singer is thrilled to celebrate this release at Houston’s The Heights Theater on February 5th; doors open at 7:00PM, and the show begins at 8:00PM featuring special guest, RINAS. With a rich vocal reminiscent of The Cranberries’ Dolores O’Riordan layered with the brooding poetry of Phoebe Bridgers, Catterina’s voice melts beautifully into colourful soundscapes led by pristine acoustic guitar and whimsical synths.

For the emerging powerhouse, this project represents the moments when she truly stepped into her voice. Catterina and her family had in recent years fallen victim to the Texas winter freeze which left them displaced for months on end; it was during this time their family was forced to relocate to a hotel where the artist found herself taking refuge in room 421. With nowhere else to turn during this challenging time, the songstress stood face to face with the parts of herself needing reflection and attention the most. She wrote the majority of this brilliantly vulnerable, raw EP from that room.

“Don’t Tell Me” is a mesmerizing introduction to the EP built upon warm synths, delicate finger-style guitar, and an alluring lo-fi drum beat that rests beneath Catterina’s angelic vocals. This track explores the difficulties of failed dating experiences after a significant heartbreak, highlighting how easy it can be to let ourselves get involved with people who we know deep down aren’t the best fit. The songstress unfolds a harrowing rawness on “Same Conversation (I Can’t Tell You)” in which her brilliant tone takes the spotlight while detailing the bleak realization that the relationship is stuck moving in circles; the passion and authenticity that comes through on this track is poetically heartbreaking.

“Waiting” is a gorgeously sombre heartbreak anthem that wistfully looks back on the good times of a past relationship. The warmth of her tone offers a colourful depth shining with a mesmerizing brilliance as she painstakingly explores the complex emotions inherent to heartbreak. For the songwriter, “Looking In The Mirror” is the most vulnerable track on the EP. She used the track as an opportunity to apologize to her younger self after realizing how much healing she needed. Catterina captures even the most subtle nuances of the post-breakup healing process with striking clarity on each track throughout the EP.

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