The human race is both a blessing and a curse to the planet Earth, and Mylo Bybee want to remind you of that with their brand new single and music video. “End of the War,” from their self-titled EP released at the beginning of the year, is a bold, but artful acknowledgement of all of the good, and all of the bad, that we do to the only home that we have.

It can’t be denied how resourceful we as a people are, but there’s a vicious cycle in which we’re caught up where for all the good that we do, we undo it through greed, negligence, carelessness, and disregard. “End of the War” features Mylo Bybee at their most pensive, reflective, and thought-provoking. With an easily digestible sound that’s about as melodic as you can get, the trio may conjure up memories of Hippo Campus or At The Drive In.

Elaborating on the context of their new single, lead singer and guitarist Tyler Schlagenhauf says:

“‘End of the War’ was written as an ode to everything in our world that is and has been caused by the human race. We as evolving humans do so much good for our world and everything in it but cause just as much harm. This is on us! The line the song that I think really sums it up is the last line of the song, ‘Only the dead will see the End of the War.’ We will always continue to create new problems and then identify ways in which to solve which will be this ever existing cycle.”

2020 wasn’t exactly a year conducive to forming a band, but Mylo Bybee rose above the threat and fear of lockdowns and quarantines and began writing and recording together. From Boise, Idaho, the band is literally a family affair, featuring Schlagenhauf, his brother Wes Schlagenhauf who handles bass duties, and drummer Koji Crill who is their brother-in-law. Each of them started playing music at a young age, but it wasn’t until just before the COVID-19 pandemic began that they started jamming together. They all came into the band well prepared to play with one another, having served many roles in various groups throughout the years. The pandemic lockdown provided an ideal opportunity for them to start jamming together, which they did and the chemistry was immediate.

Unconcerned with genres or scenes, Mylo Bybee take great pride in their unconventionality, which helps lend their music lots and lots of charm.

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Artwork for the album ‘Mylo Bybee’ by Mylo Bybee