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Greg Puciato Releases Recording of “Fuck Content” Livestream; New Album Planned for Spring 2022

Former Dillinger Escape Plan frontman, Greg Puciato gives away recording of “Fuck Content” livestream. Get more info here.



Greg Puciato by Jesse Draxler

On the one-year anniversary of his debut solo album, Child Soldier: Creator of God, and Fuck Content livestream, Greg Puciato is celebrating with the free release of the livestream event (read our review of the original event here.

Federal Prisoner, the label Puciato co-founded with artist Jesse Draxler, reissues both the studio album and the livestream’s soundtrack with new limited-edition vinyl variants. The pair of vinyl releases mark the first time the two albums have been available on the format since selling out of their initial pressing. Each album will be a 2LP release, with Child Soldier: Creator of God available on metallic swirl, and Fuck Content on clear vinyl with a new Draxler-designed gatefold layout. Pre-orders for the 500 hand-numbered online variants are available now via the Federal Prisoner webstore, with an additional two unique 500-count variants going to both North American and European retail in the Spring.

“‘Fuck Content’ is just another creative release, but in a different medium, marrying visual art, audio, live performance, studio footage… a lot of different elements together,” said Puciato at the time of its release. “I wanted to make the modern equivalent of a VHS release you would have bought from a band decades ago, but with more of an arthouse sensibility. Like any other thing I’ve released, and that we’ve released with Federal Prisoner, it was born from excitement and flamed up really quickly from the initial spark into what it became. Jesse (Draxler) and I were having a conversation about making a visual release, to tie into my record, that would include live performance but also much more, and got to talking about the idea of ‘content,’ how dumb and revolting the idea of, and emphasis on, ‘content’ is overall, and how the opposite of content is substance, that we needed to make sure whatever we made had real substance. We were both ranting about it and at one point I said, ‘fuck content,’ and that was the spark we needed to build up the fire to start putting this together. As we were making it, it took twists and turns, and new ideas formed, just like making a record, and we just followed them to their natural endpoints. This for me is a release, as much as any other, it’s not a Livestream, it’s not some way to placate people who aren’t seeing shows, or to keep me busy. It’s something we sank our teeth into creatively, as much as a record, and I’m excited for everyone to see and hear what we’ve got to show them.”

Puciato is currently in the studio wrapping up work on the follow-up to Child Soldier: Creator of God. Titled Mirrorcell, it is expected to see a late Spring 2022 release via Federal Prisoner, with more details to come in January.

Artwork for ‘Fuck Content’ by Greg Puciato

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