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Catch a “Buzz” from Jon Garcia’s Latest Music Video [Premiere]

You’re about to enter Jon Garcia’s ‘Temporary Universe,’ or in other words, his brand new full-length album, featuring the slick single “Buzz.”



You don’t need a passport to enter, but you should at least know where we’re going… You’re about to enter Jon Garcia’s Temporary Universe, or in other words, his brand new full-length album, featuring the slick single “Buzz.” This is the singer-songwriter’s second new video after the recent release of the bold and beautiful clip for “The Weather Inside.”

With a healthy dose of 1980s pop, Garcia is in his element on this new record, having elegantly devised a set of musically progressive, neo-psychedelic, emotional dream-pop tracks. Combining together a reverb-heavy guitar approach, along with some delicate synths, Garcia has devised his own modern interpretation of shoegaze that’s hard to liken to the approach of any other artist. Both the clips for “Buzz” and “The Weather Inside” were shot by Garcia himself, for he is not just a musician, but also an Emmy Award-nominated filmmaker, and a well-regarded writer and novelist.

Providing some context on the new song, Garcia offers the following:

“‘Buzz’ is a song I had in my head for about six years before I finally recorded it.

“I have extremely loud tinnitus from playing in a post-rock band for a number of years. I’ve gotten used to it, but when I first started to write ‘Buzz’ on guitar I was just trying to keep my mind occupied as I felt continuously distracted by my tinnitus. I came up with the phrase ‘the things you can’t hear with your eyes open’ lyric, the only words in the song, while playing guitar late one night when the buzz was keeping me up.”

Despite the wide diversity of his talents, Garcia is particularly taken with music. Thus far, he has released two full-length studio records and has also composed scores for award-winning films. In 2009, Netflix purchased the rights to his film The Falls which really jumpstarted his career in film and as a music video director and producer. If that’s not enough, Garcia has also found his way as a documentarian, creating intelligent, thought-provoking documentaries like Room To Grow, a film about the lives of queer youth in modern America. His most recent film, Love in Dangerous Times, was released last year, a story of two young people finding love at a distance amidst a rapidly spreading virus.

Also a novelist, Garcia co-wrote the novel adaptation of The Falls. A true artist through and through, it’s clear that Garcia shines no matter what the medium and no matter what the project, and that’s particularly apparent throughout Temporary Universe.

Artwork for the album ‘Temporary Universe’ by Jon Garcia