When it comes to her music and defining herself as an artist, you could never accuse Wrené of being ordinary or conventional. It only takes one listen, or viewing, of her new music video for “White Walls” to determine that. Highly emotional and very moving, the song comes from her upcoming EP Dark Matter, due for release on November 19th.

The follow-up to her widely praised February 2021 released full-length, Live Wire, the new EP is both dark and ethereal, a collection of songs that aim to rise above the constraints of conventional pop/rock music. Expansive and well-intentioned, the songs on Dark Matter are meant to raise awareness about mental health issues and help destigmatize them. It’s raw in its nature and completely unfiltered, displaying an artist unafraid of being herself.

Telling us more about the new single and its purpose, Wrené shares,

“‘White Walls’ exists in an unearthly, dream-like space. Lyrically it explores self-isolation, emotional disassociation, and a deep longing towards ideals of fulfillment, belonging, and wholeness. It also references escapism through drug use and the disappointment in one’s ability to feel whole. Thickly distorted drones make up the atmosphere of the instrumental, surrounding the soulful lead vocal as part of a foggy modular landscape. In the end, the song is resolved by the last word of ‘Faith,’ a silver lining found in this introspective inner dialogue. It is my intention with this track to offer solace to those struggling with their identity and place in the world, and to offer a glimmer of hope in these dark times.”

Raised in Toronto, Wrené is more than just a musician. She is an actor, poet, and vocalist, well-versed in several different singing techniques, allowing her to experiment in any which way she wants. Her songs are highly experimental thanks to her unorthodox musical arrangements and vocal techniques. They are presented as stories and uniquely produced to include many original samples, foley sound effects, and subliminal messages for the keenly-eared listener. Wrené’s melodies are familiar enough to keep any fan of pop music interested but experimental enough to also attract the more avant-garde, progressive listener.

Meeting you in the middle between beauty and darkness, Wrené will excite you with her originality.

Artwork for the single “White Walls” by Wrené