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Watch Matthew Heller’s “Scorer Be Scored” Music Video and Embrace Optimism! [Premiere]

Portland, Oregon’s Matthew Heller continues to promote his liberating new album, ‘Maybe My Love Was Just Right,’ and debuts the new “Scorer Be Scored” music video.



Welcome to Matthew Heller’s liberation. That’s how you may think of Maybe My Love Was Just Right, the brand new record from the Portland, Oregon native, released this past summer. Heller is keeping his right foot firmly planted on that gas pedal in promotion of his latest record with the release of his brand new music video for “Scorer Be Scored.” The song has a kind of fun, upbeat tone to it that oozes a certain confidence, both in the vocals and the guitars. It has a free-wheeling feel to it as if someone has come to an important realization and is enjoying the subsequent relief.

Elaborating more on his new single, Heller explains,

“‘Scorer Be Scored’ is about what it feels like to turn weakness into power, I wrote the song because I was frustrated about feeling out of control, but while writing the song, I realized that being put of control was what made me happy, so I gave myself over to the power of the wild.”

There’s a cathartic element to Maybe My Love Was Just Right, and that’s where the liberation comes in for Heller as an artist and person. The album represents a newfound feeling of freedom that comes from letting go of all those things that hold us back, like toxic relationships, anger, or self-doubt. Laced with energy throughout, the album’s nine tracks teeter back and forth between turmoil and elation.

At the point in which Heller began working with producer Mike Coykendall (M. Ward, She & Him, Bright Eyes) on new music, he was in between three different toxic relationships with partners that were callous, abusive, and downright nasty. He previously felt that the key to writing quality music was to reflect on the real-life experience of heartbreak and loss.

Eventually, Heller’s drummer, saxophonist, and friend Ian Christensen convinced him it was time for a change and Heller forged ahead with a new attitude. His songwriting turned more positive, centred more on discussing the effort that it takes to become a better person. Maybe My Love Was Just Right is a liberation for Heller because his mind now feels clear, and the possibilities for the future feel excitedly and enthusiastically endless.

Artwork for the album ‘Maybe My Love Was Just Right!’ by Matthew Heller