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Sample Gwynn Gold’s Mad Sweet Debut Album ‘Land of Honey’ [Premiere]

A delicious mix of different genres and musical eras, Gwynn Gold is making her presence felt with the exquisite debut album, ‘Land of Honey.’



A delicious mix of different genres and musical eras, Gwynn Gold is making her presence felt with her exquisite debut album. The young Gold, all of 21-years-old, is talented, already quite experienced, and musically versatile well beyond her years, showing great range and natural ability throughout Land of Honey, a twelve-track full-length that is well thought out and masterfully paced.

While rooted in traditional, American rock, Gold shows no hesitance in reaching out and embracing other popular genres that have helped define the last 60 years of popular music. “Teardrop Tattoo” and “The City” openly flirt with disco, while “Hypocrite” and “My Eyes” rely on more of an R&B rock-infused sound. She also made sure not to forget Americana, with the rootsy-inspired title track and the second-to-last track “Heading Home.”

Explaining her intentions for Land of Honey, Gold explained,

“In creating this project, I made it my goal to compose music and lyrics that would bring joy and healing into the listener’s life. The past few years have been incredibly difficult for the world as a whole, and our collective and individual traumas have risen to the surface throughout this time. Everyone needs an escape, a release, or an outlet to process and tease out their emotional tangles. So, I wanted to record a body of work that could act as that cycle for people. The album has been organized in such a way that from the beginning to the end, it tells the stories of my personal trauma, my loved ones’ lives, and my observations on how people survive. But, it also tells the story of any traumatic or life-altering event of any human being’s life, giving the listener a tool to work through their own with.”

With regards to its musical framework, she said,

“The album goes through funky rhythms and uptempo verses, painful yet soulful ballads, soothing instrumentals, and culminates in a blissful finale. Just as we have our high notes and deep tones in our own lives, this album will take you to extremes. Its lyrics will challenge you, bring out a laugh, comfort you, and transport you to a self-reflective universe to grow in. The final track and title of this work, ‘Land of Honey’ is the culmination and summary of the path that we have taken in our lives and for the listener, offers a conclusion to leave with. I am so grateful to be able to share this body of work with everyone, and hope that it brings the same happiness that it gave to me throughout the process of recording it.”

Based in Pittsburgh, Gold is a highly skilled vocalist that has followed an unlikely path towards a pop-rock singer. Rather than figure it out on her own in garages and local bars, she studied and trained as an opera singer at Indiana University. Globally renowned opera singer Wolfgang Brendel became something of a mentor to her, and helped her hone her vocal technique to achieve maximum strength and range. You can hear it throughout the entirety of Land of Honey, particularly on the high notes. Add in some distinguished musicianship, engaging storylines, and just the right aesthetics, and you got yourself a top-notch debut that points towards a bright future for this young songstress.

Land of Honey Track Listing:

1. Teardrop Tattoo
2. The City
3. Double Yellow Line
4. Hired Gun
5. Hypocrite
6. My Blue Eyes
7. World Spins On
8. Baby Let’s
9. Fleeting Dream
10. Tranquil Piece
11. Heading Home
12. Land of Honey

Artwork for the album ‘Land of Honey’ by Gwynn Gold