As an artist and a performer, Sam Walwyn is one of those musicians who can bring brand new life to a song just by the setting and the method in which he performs it. If you don’t believe us, get a load of his brand new live session video for “Mama Plum,” which comes off his recently released EP How Would I Know.

Walwyn has been releasing a lot of new music recently, dropping each of the EP’s four tracks as individual singles before the full release on November 12th. If you compare this version of “Mama Plum” with the one that appears on How Would I Know, you would notice that this version has a certain honesty and authenticity that maybe isn’t as apparent as on the studio version.

Telling us about recording this version of “Mama Plum,” Walyn told us,

“We did this session during lockdown which was honestly exactly what me and the guys all needed, to get into a room and let loose playing some songs felt so good after such a long time not being able to gig.

For this performance of ‘Mama Plum’ we did something different from the studio version and it was heaps of fun to tap into a more raw version of the track compared to the more refined version of ‘Mama Plum’ which is on the EP.“

On the whole, How Would I Know is a clear and colourful introduction to Walwyn’s knack for vibrant and captivating pop rock. The EP is something of a closer to this early part of his career, as he has really started to find his place as a musician since the release of his debut single “For You” last year. Through his music, Walwyn demonstrates a keen interest in exploring different musical cultures, motivated in part by his upbringing in both New Jersey and the Caribbean.

His sound is a combination of indie-folk, alternative pop, and traditional flamenco music. In the last year and a half, Walwyn has become quite a hit on social media like TikTok, where he’s accumulated a following of over 100,000 people. With talent and a certain compassion on his side, Walwyn should have no trouble expanding his horizons towards a whole new audience of new disciples.

Artwork for the album ‘How Would I Know’ by Sam Walwyn