Norwegian twins The Ella Sisters wrap up the year in style with a brand new track “Perfect Teens”, lifted from their forthcoming mixtape Gut Feeling, a compilation of songs from the duo’s previous two EPs Sugarcoat and Queens along with two brand new exclusive tracks completing the package.

Growing up along the scenic southern coast of Norway, twins Maren and Charlotte have had space for creativity and writing. Drawing inspiration from the landscape around them, their music is imbibed with tons of energy, honest lyrics, big choruses, and harmonies within a playful and captivating pop soundscape.

The duo’s songs are inspired by being young and questioning the world we live in, delving into topics of identity, mental health, being underestimated and finding confidence in yourself, something showcased in their new single for which you can check out the video here:

Speaking about their musical story, the sisters say: “Ever since we started our musical journey, there has been something about pop songs that has triggered our inspiration and songwriting. This chapter has been so chaotic and exciting at the same time because we got to experiment with such different ideas and work in way more brutal soundscapes than we had done before. Going into our twenties, we have felt like it is truly just a teenage level two. The feeling of having no idea where you are or where you are going, trying to connect the dots and bravely failing at it.”

They go on to add: “This chapter has been inspired by retro, romantic, and reckless pop songs, and we have dived into the process trying to find our own voice in it all. We hope you can dance, and cry, and laugh, and feel. In the wild spectrum of colours that life can bring, it can be so messy and so beautiful. This record has taught us the importance of living at your own pace and listening to the alarms when they start ringing. After all, there is a reason whenever your gut feeling is trying to tell you

A combination of courage and tenderness, the band are a rare talent and ones to watch for 2022.

Artwork for ‘Gut Feeling’ by The Ella Sisters

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