This is a very special occasion for the three men that comprise Little King. The arrival of November 2021 marks the 25th anniversary of the band’s formation by guitarist, singer, and songwriter Ryan Rosoff in El Paso, Texas. It’s been a hell of a run, and the ride continues with the release of the group’s brand new music video for “Set It Down,” a song about trying to set yourself straight amidst a global pandemic. The track can be found on the band’s September-released new album Amuse De Q, which was preceded by the release of the record’s first two singles “Bombs Away” and “Keyboard Soldier.”

In his own words, Rosoff simply states:

“The song chronicles an abstract journey to sobriety during the global pandemic and reflects my personal trials and tribulations with a battle all-too-familiar to so many.”

This pandemic and time spent in quarantine has affected people in very different ways, and Rosoff chose to reflect on his feelings about the situation last year when he began to write new music. It’s not just the pandemic though; there were a lot of other global events that coincided with it that left an impression on Rosoff as a songwriter. Through Amuse De Q’s seven tracks, Rosoff examines his time spent locked away, including the best and the worst of mandatory isolation, his battle with sobriety, the racially charged protests that swept the United States and the world last year, and domestic violence, among other topics.

This wasn’t exactly what Rosoff had drawn up for the band two years ago, but he’s certainly made the most of it. After recording the Occam’s Foil EP in 2019, he had big plans which were affirmed by the highly positive reaction to the record’s release. When the lockdown began in March of last year, all the group’s momentum was halted, so they decided to spend their time productively, writing and recording. It was well worth the effort, as they carried forward with recording the album, and it’s now been amongst the best-received work that Little King has produced.

Now that touring is a reality again, you can be sure to catch the guys out on the road again soon as they reemerge in a bigger and better way.

Artwork for the album ‘Amuse de Q’ by Little King

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