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Julia Daigle Is On Her Own Creative Excursion With Her New “Nanette” Music Video [Premiere]

It’s a big moment for singer and songwriter Julia Daigle with her debut solo album ‘Un singe sur l’épaule,’ just released earlier this month via Lisbon Lux Records.



It’s a big moment for singer and songwriter Julia Daigle. You could say that it’s her moment, the one where she gets to emerge on her own, left to stand on her own two feet, relying entirely on her own talents and savvy. It’s all going according to plan, with Daigle impressing all observers with her debut solo album Un singe sur l’épaule, just released earlier this month via Lisbon Lux Records.

The co-founder of the highly regarded, neo-romantic synth-pop duo Paupière, Daigle has followed up the release of the album with the music video for “Nanette.” The beautifully shot clip has an eerie tone to it, inspired by L’Étoile (The Star) of the Tarot de Marseille, popular in France in the 17th and 18th centuries, and still influential today. Daigle also gathered some inspiration for the song from the celebrated 20th-century French philosopher Henry Corbin.

Offering up some context behind the song, Daigle tells us:

“‘Nanette’ is an excursion in a haunted landscape, an externalized emotional labyrinth where a lone figure, in an endless loop, replays her own private torment. In this liminal space between night and day, a strange country both wild and familiar, she wanders around, looking for a sign, a key of some sort. It’s the uncharted territory of the heart in exile.”

While she is still very much committed to her work with Pierre-Luc Bégin in Paupière, Daigle is taking right now to focus on her own creative endeavours. Un singe sur l’épaule was written primarily with the helping hand of producer and multi-instrumentalist Domininic Vanchesteing (Bernardino Femminielli, Jeff and the Holograms, Plaza Musique). This record is their first proper collaboration, sharing their affinity for storytelling and their likeminded musical and cultural influences. The album exists mostly in its own musical universe, combining contemporary alt-pop with more ambient and progressive tendencies. Daigle also had the pleasure of recording with both Guillaume Ethier (Chocolat), Asaël Robitaille (Bataille Solaire).

With her originality and artsy, avant-garde approach, the moment is certainly not too large or daunting for Julia Daigle.

Un singe sur l’épaule Track Listing:

1. L’étoile De L’Aube
2. Sur La Haute Colline
3. Echo
4. Nanette
5. Le Psaltérion
6. Usage Domestique
7. Cinq ou Neuf
8. Vallée Grise
9. Chapelle Arnette

Artwork for the album ‘Un singe sur l’épaule’ by Julia Daigle