There’s no doubt, it takes guts to remake a song. When it comes to reworking a #1 international hit? There’s no quantifying the amount of guts you need for that, but sometimes you just gotta have some balls and totally own it, and that’s what Jameson Tank has done with their rocked-up cover of The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights.”

Since its release in early 2020, the song has become one of the biggest worldwide radio hits and as a result of that recognizability, the members of Jameson Tank felt like it would make for a cool live cover, so they worked out a version that they introduced on their Too Hot To Hold Tour, which hit ten U.S. cities in total. The response to the song was extremely positive, with many fans urging the band to hit the studio and actually record it, which they have, putting a whole new spin on a song you wouldn’t think of being recorded with guitars and live drums.

Explaining why they chose to cover “Blinding Lights,” and how the idea came about, lead singer Jameson Tankersley states,

“This song is a product of a live band looking to find new ways to entertain our audience. Sure, we could cover the expected songs like ‘Dont Stop Believin’ every night, but why not mix it up and give the people something they haven’t heard before, Am I right? It’s not every night of the week you hear a rock band covering The Weeknd. That’s what we love about this cover, people lose their minds when they hear it, reciprocating an energy that we are trying our best to produce in every venue we play.

“The brainchild of this cover came from our lead guitarist Bryce Burnette, who insisted that the song was practically begging for a pop-rock version. I’ve gotta give it to him, his vision was right. Translate some synth hooks onto electric guitar for Bryce, add some live slamming drums from Conner Ankerich, Javier Solorzado locked in on the bass thumping and some Jameson Tankersley pop-punk-esque vocals and boom. You’ve got a Jameson Tank song written by The Weeknd.”

Coming from one of the rock capitals of the U.S., Athens, Georgia, Jameson Tank was originally devised as the solo project of Tankersley. He released his debut solo EP in summer 2019, and following a positive reaction, he decided he would need to enlist the services of some talented musicians to help bring the songs to life in a live setting. After some canvassing, he met drummer Conner Ankerich, guitarist Bryce Burnette, and bassist Javier Solozardo, who provided the necessary chemistry. Jameson Tank, as a band, was officially formed last year. They have been slowly expanding their horizons, playing a lot of local shows, introducing fans to both their banging originals, and sparkling covers. It’s a recipe for success that they hope to take around to more U.S. cities as we near the beginning of a new year with new goals to reach.

Too Hot To Hold EP Track Listing:

1. Too Hot To Hold
2. Make This Last
3. Change Back
4. 17 at Heart
5. Mr. Lyft Driver
6. Clarks Hill

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