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Don Broco (w/ Noisy, Kid Brunswick) @ O2 Academy (Manchester, UK) on October 28, 2021 [Photos & Show Review]

Having just dropped new album ‘Amazing Things’, UK party band Don Broco put on an untouchable show in Manchester. Photos and review here.



The UK’s most infamous party rock band Don Broco is here and for one thing only, to have a good time! Joining them are two incredible upcoming artists who are rising up in the music scene: Kid Brunswick and Noisey.

Kid Brunswick; like Don Broco, this guy is carving up a new hybrid in music. Electronica, hip-hop and rock combined into something packed out with an energetic zero-fucks-given attitude, he sure does get the crowd going. At the young age of 22 and having had a life of hell, Kid Brunswick is delivering something that is pure magic. With his debut album XFOREVER out just a few weeks back, he is definitely one for the fans of Yungblud and Machine Gun Kelly.

Next up, Noisy. A band where rock meets rave, punk meets electronica, another band breaking the boundaries with their unique style and definitely a crowd pleaser! With an EP launched back in 2020, I Wish I Was A…, and some banging singles since then, things started to heat up in the Academy. Like The Streets, this is a band who had no funding making a makeshift studio in one of their houses, going to show that if you really believe in something then do it. By the end of their set, they surely left quite a few people looking forward to what these lads come up with next.

Don Broco is a band that I’ve been following for many years watching them evolve into something truly majestic. Having recently headlined Slam Dunk Festival with an incredible performance, you wonder how the hell they can top that. A band that mashes indie rock bangers with electronic party rock anthems resulting in sellout after sellout tours, Don Broco is a band you need to witness. With their very imaginative, wacky ideas with recent tracks involving a cloned David Beckham, Uber taxis and Bruce Willis, is there anything this band can’t do?

With their new album Amazing Things, out last week, the band opened with “Manchester Super Red’s No.1 fan” kicking off a set rammed with fan favourites and plenty of new bangers like “Gum Shield,” “Uber,” “One True Prince,” “Endorphins” and “Bruce Willis” and many more! High energy, crowd chanting, dancing and multiple mosh pits with plenty of encouragement from lead singer Rob. “Endorphins” featured some snippets of “Thug Workout” at the end with many people trying to do push-ups.

Continuing the crowd participation, “Bruce Willis” saw a battle of which side is best with left and right battling it out for the loudest “Yipee kay-yay motherfuckers” with the man himself overseeing the contest on a digital screen behind the band – quite simply this was work of art. Another highlight was “Action,” a song that was released back before the world went to shit and never fully got the love it needs, sees the band joined by Kid Brunswick and the lead singer from Noisey making this more awesome. With Rob giving both bands the seal of approval by announcing they are his favourite bands right now, it’s nice to see a headliner giving supports acts the backing they need.

Don Broco (w/ Noisey, Kid Brunswick) @ O2 Academy (Manchester, UK) on October 28, 2021

Inside the Academy, it’s boiling hot so, after “Endorphins,” the band breaks into a stripped version of “Nerve” and really, they need to release this as a single because this stripped-back version is ace. Encore time saw the band return for renditions of “Everybody” and the song which gets everyone emotional, the perfect show ender “T-Shirt Song.”

With a phenomenal stage presence, fantastic humour and a real feelgood attitude, on the evidence of this show (and of course their incredible Slam Dunk set), Don Broco could play the same set over and over again and they would still be one of the most untouchable British rock bands currently on the circuit.