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Bloxx (w/ The Rills, Emma McGrath) @ O2 Academy 3 (Manchester, UK) on October 21, 2021 [Photos & Show Review]

Two upcoming acts and headliner Bloxx showed that the future of British music is very exciting. Check out the review and photos here.



Here in Manchester, we were spoiled as we witnessed the potential future of indie music with a range of chilled-out to high-energy bands.

Opening up was Emma McGrath, a musician who has had the passion and drive for music since she was a child and became an award-winning artist by 15 achieving the PRS Lynsey De Paul Prize. Incredible stuff! Kicking off the night with a short set setting a nice chilled-out start to the show with her stories. The end of her set saw more of a kick as Bloxx singer and partner Fee Booth joined the stage to perform “Fall With You” – the final song together.

Next up was The Rills and what to say about these madmen? The night opened up with something nice and relaxing with Emma before The Rills turn up like a bull in a china shop and cause carnage! Is this a bad thing? Absolutely not! With a fantastic stage presence, high energy and witty attitude they get the night really going. Another act that will undoubtedly make waves in the music industry the world needs more of The Rills with their awesome indie rock vibes. With hints of Slaves (now Rain City), Royal Blood, Liam Lynch and Arctic Monkeys they sure have the attitude and drive to go onwards and up with a particular highlight of their set being the new track “Skint Eastwood.” Back out on tour in December, The Rills are well worth checking out.

After a pandemic, which saw headliners Bloxx launching their debut album Lie Out Loud in the midst of it, and rescheduled tour dates, the band finally had their chance to show us what they really are made off. Not only this but they have been teasing us with loads of singles so getting to hear some brand new tracks for the first time is another big win.

Packing their set with brilliant tracks like “Off My Mind,” instant handwaving banger “5000 Miles,” “Sea Blue” and “Go Out With You,” the set is full of absolute bangers with a throwback from the band to their hardcore fans in the form of “Coke.” Then, if this night can’t get any better there is more brand new music from their brand new EP Pop Culture Radio.

Prior to “Pop Culture,” Fee takes the time to explain how it is about “…everything I hate about The Kardashians and pop culture.” From the EP, “Emily” is played with Fee stating how the song actually is not about a girl called Emily rather the theme is about addiction and is a very personal song about overcoming the past.

Bloxx (w/ The Rills, Emma McGrath) @ Academy 3 (Manchester, UK) on October 21, 2021

The whole EP is a work of art and it’s going to be interesting to see what Bloxx gives us next! In front of a crowd who, from start to finish, sang along with each song, Fee is joined by Emma to play an acoustic version of “What You Need” before bringing this amazing night to an equally amazing end with more personal tracks and stories before ending with “Everything I’ve Learned.”

For music fans, this gig really should get you excited for the future with two upcoming acts and a brilliant headliner. After the last two years, the future for British music, on this evidence, is very exciting indeed.