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Stereo Club Emerge Through the Turmoil with Their “Want You Still” Music Video [Premiere]

Sultry and seductive, Stereo Club are laying it all on the line with their new music video for “Want You Still.”



Sultry and seductive, Stereo Club is laying it all on the line with their new music video for “Want You Still.” The clip features the trio, led by lead vocalist Ines Duarte, confidently playing their instruments in some very colourful environments. There’s both a clear rock and a clear pop element to the song, which helps in giving it the mass appeal that makes the band exciting to fans of both genres of music.

Recently, the song has been picking up steam in and around the members’ hometown of Cardiff, Wales, gaining attention and airplay on BBC Introducing, BBC Wales, and Amazing Radio. “Want You Still” is quite an accomplishment for the band, a transitionary song that is leading the way into the next phase of this young act’s rising career.

Explaining the origins of “Want You Still,” Duarte told us,

“This song came from a really turbulent time in the band. We were not only dealing with the emotional strain of a global pandemic, but we were also dealing with a change in band lineup, which is reflected in the theme of the song of hating ourselves for wanting something even though we shouldn’t, such as bad relationships with friends, band members, partners, etc… This was the first song we recorded as a three-piece, so it was very daunting going into the studio without an official guitarist, instead, guitar playing was split between our bass player Dan (Waggon), and our producer Tony. We really wanted the song to reflect the turbulence we were facing, which I think we succeeded in doing.”

It was only last year that Stereo Club officially took shape, though the band members have known each other for some time. Duarte, Waggon, and drummer Ben Morris all originally met while studying at Cardiff University. They have actually been playing music together on and off for many years now, just within different projects and circumstances. This lengthy musical history has given them a leg up now that they have gotten serious with Stereo Club. It’s not often that a brand new band sounds like they have been playing together for years, but that is actually the case in this instance. Duarte is originally from Lisbon, Portugal, while Waggon and Morris are from Essex. Through sheer luck, the three met in Wales, and as they say, the rest is history.

There are many chapters of this book left to write though, and a lot of positive momentum already propelling this impressive trio forward.

Artwork for “Want You Still” by Stereo Club