We’re putting it through the conveyor belt, checking it for quality control, and then boxing it all up to ensure you get your daily fix of warehouse rock. Here to help is self-proclaimed warehouse rock band Refund Division and their new music video for “Dying of Thirst.” It’s off of their latest record In The Altogether, released this past June, a collection of songs that the band has referred to as warehouse rock.

What that implies is that it’s a tried, tested, and true brand of rock n’ roll, reminiscent of crowd-pleasing rock that can really bring the energy and get a crowd jumping. It’s uplifting and ensures that it pays its respects to the ’90s grunge and alternative rock that inspired it with lots of familiarity on display, but not in a way that it sounds much like anything specifically past or present.

Checking in with a comment on “Dying of Thirst” and its accompanying video, frontman Eric Arndt said,

“I used to work at a café in Los Feliz that had security cameras all over the place. It got me thinking about the concept of being watched. How we can become someone else under the watchful eye of a camera, but also how the blinking red eye is often overlooked: the darker side of 24/7 surveillance and voyeurism.

“While serving people salads that cost more than my hourly wage, I realized I was often playing a character constantly captured by the same cameras that were designed to protect the café. For this music video, director Evan Smith hatched a fantastic plan, and with his brother Nathan’s help, set up a mobile security system in an unassuming Prius. That setup gave us eyes on what it’s like to be watched.”

Slowly but surely, In The Altogether gradually morphed and developed over the last year and a half. Arndt got to work on the record while experimenting with a custom distortion pedal that while played with his baritone guitar began to give him a lot of a fresh ideas. With some ideas in place, he knew the only way to really flesh them out was to call in his bandmates, which he did and for over the course of a year, the trio became more and more dialed in, bringing their songwriting to a new level of impressiveness. The album was tracked live as a trio at Fellowship Hall Sound in Little Rock, Arkansas, before vocals, synths, and piano were tracked in Los Angeles. It’s a stellar bunch of tunes as reliable and dependable as anything coming out of the warehouse.

Artwork for ‘In The Altogether’ by Refund Division